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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-03-23 08:57 JS, revision 26303

Added new icons Made menus more Mac-friendly

2004-03-23 06:06 RD, revision 26302

Need to navigate to "about:blank" in order for the internal docuemnt to be created, which has to be done in order for LoadString to work, so do it at the start.

2004-03-23 05:29 RD, revision 26301

Lindsay Mathieson's newest wxActiveX class has been wrapped into a new extension module called wx.activex. Lots of demo and lib updates to go along with it.

2004-03-23 05:26 RD, revision 26300

use default window id

2004-03-22 22:14 VS, revision 26299

marked wxWindows.dsp as deprecated

2004-03-22 21:48 VS, revision 26298

fixed linking (EXTRALIBS_GUI comes after EXTRALIBS and I don't see an easy way to change it)

2004-03-22 18:35 RD, revision 26297

Ensure the buffer is NULL-terminated before converting it.

2004-03-22 18:22 RD, revision 26296

Expand the range of WXK_ values that are excluded from OnChar. Correct the position of the context menu. (SF# 921247)

2004-03-22 18:06 VZ, revision 26295

moved wxWinHandleHash below wxWindow declaration as otherwise the dtor of forward declared wxWindow is not called inside WX_DECLARE_HASH

2004-03-22 17:47 VZ, revision 26294

removed wxMotif::wxMenuItem::DeleteSubMenu()

2004-03-22 17:42 VZ, revision 26293

auto detect the icon if none given instead of asserting (MSW and Mac do allow this)

2004-03-22 12:53 VS, revision 26292

compilation fixes

2004-03-22 11:07 VZ, revision 26291

update from Ylia K

2004-03-21 23:13 VZ, revision 26290

distinguish between main keyboard and numeric enter keys (fixes 902095)

2004-03-21 10:37 VS, revision 26289

lists rendering fixes (second part of patch 911377)

2004-03-21 09:31 VS, revision 26288

a) navigation panel needs size hint, reverted previous revision; b) added wxADJUST_MINSIZE for tree and list controls

2004-03-20 23:23 VS, revision 26287

removed any possibility of confusion regarding Bakefiles.local.bkgen format

2004-03-20 16:21 RR, revision 26286

Applied SetItemData() patch.

2004-03-20 13:44 VZ, revision 26285

compilation fix for the last wxSprintf() change

2004-03-20 12:57 RR, revision 26284

Applied notebook font patch.

2004-03-20 12:51 VZ, revision 26283

why should wxMessageDialog dialog have another m_parent, in addition to wxWindow::m_parent? removed

2004-03-20 12:49 VZ, revision 26282

reuse existing wxGetTopLevelParent() function in wxMessageDialog ctor instead of reimplementing it (yes, it is just 4 lines, but this still was enough for a fatal bug to slip in them...)

2004-03-20 12:45 VZ, revision 26281

explicitly return NFR_UNICODE from WM_NOTIFYFORMAT when using MSLU

2004-03-20 12:39 VZ, revision 26280

added wxSetCCUnicodeFormat() and use it in wxTreeCtrl/wxToolBar; also replaced SendMessage(LVM_SETUNICODEFORMAT) with a call to it in wxListCtrl

2004-03-20 12:28 RR, revision 26279

i Allow NULL parent in message dialog.