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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-04-01 15:19 SC, revision 26553

fixing shape windows, as we now use the structure region for answering questions about position and size, we cannot use GetRect in the defproc anymore

2004-04-01 15:18 SC, revision 26552

pass in NULL for mouse event handler, otherwise the handler thinks it is a valid toplevel window

2004-04-01 14:54 VZ, revision 26551

removed (well, kept empty shell to avoid breaking existing code) InheritAttributes()

2004-04-01 14:15 VZ, revision 26550

fixed DoGetBestSize() for default buttons

2004-04-01 13:55 VZ, revision 26549

implemented GetBestSize()

2004-04-01 13:32 VZ, revision 26548

wxGTK became a little too eager in using the best size after my change in 1.453; only use it if width or height are not specified

2004-04-01 13:16 VZ, revision 26547

added script for generating tags file for wxGTK

2004-04-01 13:09 VZ, revision 26546

use GetFont() instead of (possibly not initialized) m_font in GetCharWidth/Height()

2004-04-01 13:08 VZ, revision 26545

show window from PostCreation() (which is called for the derived classes as well) instead of Create() (which is not)

2004-04-01 12:45 VZ, revision 26544

only use font/colours in SetWidgetStyle() if they're set

2004-04-01 12:41 VZ, revision 26543

really show the menubar (calling Show(TRUE) doesn't do it any more)

2004-04-01 12:40 VZ, revision 26542

really show the window after creation (calling Show(TRUE) doesn't do it any more)

2004-04-01 12:22 VS, revision 26541

forgot to add header file

2004-04-01 11:51 VS, revision 26540

test program improvements (patch 927429)

2004-04-01 11:08 VZ, revision 26539

use the window default colours, not hardcoded ones, in OnSysColourChanged()

2004-04-01 11:05 VZ, revision 26538

give the panel 3D grey colour by default: as it's not a native control, we must give it a colour explicitly

2004-04-01 11:04 VZ, revision 26537

use wxFULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE only for wxPreviewCanvas, not for the entire wxPreviewFrame -- this eliminates flicker of the control bar, at least

2004-04-01 10:34 VZ, revision 26536

fixed unused param warning

2004-04-01 10:13 VS, revision 26535

commited streams test suite (not part of build yet, coming soon)

2004-04-01 08:34 SC, revision 26534

added adjustOrigin parameter to bounds calculation, added Freeze and Thaw implementation

2004-04-01 08:32 SC, revision 26533

added adjustOrigin parameter to bounds calculation

2004-04-01 07:17 VS, revision 26532

BCC fixes

2004-04-01 07:05 SC, revision 26531

removed duplicate background colour setting (was leading to ignoral of the second one in Create)

2004-04-01 05:58 SC, revision 26530

removed flags for wxOK etc that interfere with miniframe style

2004-04-01 05:18 SC, revision 26529

cast corrected