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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2003-12-13 01:25 RD, revision 24798

Added a sample to the demo showing how to change the cursor, what all the stock cursors are, and how to set a custom cursor.

2003-12-13 00:37 RD, revision 24797

Fixed cursor resource names to actually match what's in the resource file.

2003-12-13 00:21 VS, revision 24796

don't return error if we can't load English catalog, it is normal

2003-12-12 23:53 VS, revision 24795

compilation fix

2003-12-12 22:03 VS, revision 24794

don't crash

2003-12-12 21:04 DS, revision 24793

Corrected size of staticbox borders when running OS X Panther or higher.

2003-12-12 20:45 VS, revision 24792

added link to XRC documentation elsewhere

2003-12-12 20:41 VS, revision 24791

wxScrolledWindow can have children, too

2003-12-12 09:11 JS, revision 24790

Don't compile this if not using MDI

2003-12-12 02:19 DS, revision 24789

Applied fix for patch #846732 'filedalog long filename support'. File dialog now returns ':' separated paths again with Classic/Carbon builds. The fix is attached to the same patch.

2003-12-11 22:20 DS, revision 24788

Fixed notebook redraw problems when using XP theme with Classic appearance.

2003-12-11 21:28 GD, revision 24787

updated CodeWarrior 5.3 project with latest file changes

2003-12-11 21:12 RD, revision 24786


2003-12-11 20:17 JS, revision 24785

Commented out WM_MOUSELEAVE until it can be fixed

2003-12-11 20:14 RD, revision 24784


2003-12-11 20:07 RD, revision 24783

Little changes to match recent changes in wxWindows

2003-12-11 20:06 RD, revision 24782

Regenerated the renamers with the new

2003-12-11 20:04 RD, revision 24781

Moved simple from demo to samples

2003-12-11 20:03 RD, revision 24780

Run swig from the main when building the renamer's XML instead of from This makes it easy to ensure that the same flags are used. Also, use the new swig flag to generate the XML after the python language module has run, rather than instead of. This gives us more info in the xml output. Updated to expect the xml file to already be generated, and also allow it to run with a xml doc tree from libxml2 rather than the xml.sax module. This makes the extraction of info much cleaner and logical since we usually need info from child or grandchild nodes.

2003-12-11 19:56 RD, revision 24779
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/wxPython/demo/

Get rid of this old never finished file

2003-12-11 19:55 RD, revision 24778

Kevin O's demo modules fixup patch

2003-12-11 19:46 RD, revision 24777

Another try at fixing this patch so it applies cleanly

2003-12-11 19:31 RD, revision 24776

Cleaned up a bogus newline

2003-12-11 19:25 RD, revision 24775

A little tweak to the usage text

2003-12-11 19:07 RD, revision 24774

Updated the docstring patch to match current SWIG CVS line numbers and such. Added swig.xmlout.patch, which fixes a couple problems in the XML output of SWIG: an extra "/>" was removed and newlines in attribute values were changed to the #10; entity reference so they will be preserved by parsers. Also, added options for dumping or writing to a file the XML of the parse tree *after* other language modules have been run (previously you could only do the XML output *instead of* a regular language module.)