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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-12-28 21:10 GT, revision 31178

Non-standard abbreviations of words in function/variable names changed to standard abbreviations or the entire word (e.g. colNo is now colNum) If SetColDef is called with an out of range index, the function in debug will throw an assert msg, and call wxLogDebug(), and then return without doing anything. The function now returns a boolean to indicate if the column definition was successfully created or not

2004-12-28 21:03 GT, revision 31177

Compilation fix with last checkin....ooops

2004-12-28 20:59 GT, revision 31176

Documentation updated to reflect Unicode support Updated to show current function names

2004-12-28 20:01 GT, revision 31175

Fixed some potential buffer overruns

2004-12-28 19:22 GT, revision 31174

Implemented a fix to allow Unicode builds to work with MSACCESS. This fix should be tested against other databases also to ensure that the determination of the type to be used for character strings correctly finds that right type in unicode mode for other DBs

2004-12-28 18:35 GT, revision 31173

Lookup result windows now force the first column size to be no great than 20 characters to avoid the code that calls the DB to find the length of the longest string in column, as the code used to get that value is not necessarily portable across all DB platforms

2004-12-28 18:32 GT, revision 31172

Changed error messages so that if a DB error occurs in the ListDb code, the native DB error message is displayed

2004-12-28 18:30 GT, revision 31171

Changed the hardcoded table name to be in all caps for those DBs that only allow table names to be in caps

2004-12-28 18:18 DE, revision 31170

Rebaked (Bakefile 0.1.4). Corresponds to tests.bkl,1.30,1.31

2004-12-28 18:15 DE, revision 31169

Rebaked (Bakefile 0.1.4). Corresponds to dialogs.bkl,1.7,1.8

2004-12-28 17:51 DE, revision 31168

Rebaked (Bakefile 0.1.4) * Remove installation of afm and gsafm * Remove configure during distclean * Copy *.mpg files during SAMPLES_DIST

2004-12-28 16:00 RR, revision 31167

Added TREE_ITEM_MENU event to MSW control.

2004-12-28 15:59 RR, revision 31166

Also check for range on Mac's spin controls.

2004-12-28 15:57 RR, revision 31165

Check for range on wxSpinCtrl and wxSpinButton's GetValue()

2004-12-28 14:13 RR, revision 31164

Documented the special meaning of wxID_EXIT and wxID_ABOUT under MacOS X. Documented the existence of the GNOME printing code.

2004-12-28 13:34 GT, revision 31163

Added wxODBC changes to the log

2004-12-28 12:14 ABX, revision 31162

Outdated informations refreshed.

2004-12-28 10:18 SC, revision 31161

handling wxSTAY_ON_TOP by changing the window group instead of window class

2004-12-28 10:16 SC, revision 31160

getting rid of redefines

2004-12-28 03:17 DE, revision 31159

Some platforms that use socklen_t don't use it for the fifth argument to getsockopt. Do a separate test and define SOCKOPTLEN_T appropriately.

2004-12-28 01:40 DE, revision 31158

Retain/release the NSButtonCell during user action so that if the button is deleted by the user action the program does not crash sending the setHighlighted:NO message to it.

2004-12-28 00:33 GT, revision 31157

Firebird DB support added. Basic testing is done, and appears to work fully. Need real users to test the additions please

2004-12-28 00:31 GT, revision 31156

Display message typo corrected

2004-12-27 20:48 ABX, revision 31155

Adjust documentation to implementations and alphabetical order.

2004-12-27 20:17 ABX, revision 31154

GetFreeSpace is here since 1993 and returns crazy values. Let's have win64/win32 cases only.