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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-12-31 22:54 RD, revision 31203

docstring fix

2004-12-31 22:54 RD, revision 31202


2004-12-31 22:53 RD, revision 31201

Added back wx.PD_SMOOTH

2004-12-31 22:27 RD, revision 31200

fix compilo for when there are no precompiled headers

2004-12-31 20:21 RD, revision 31199

Correct some redraw glitches in the header when resizing, and also double buffer the header to eliminate the rest of the flicker.

2004-12-31 18:57 RR, revision 31198

Applied modified form of the StdButtonSize patch. Tested on GTK2, MSW and Mac. Adapted various generic dialogs to stretch the button sizer so that the buttons don't end up centered but right aligned.

2004-12-31 13:29 SC, revision 31197

SetFocus fixed

2004-12-31 13:19 SC, revision 31196

setting focus explicitely when using showmodal

2004-12-31 10:22 RR, revision 31195

Fixes a rare crash.

2004-12-31 07:08 ABX, revision 31194

wxDialog::Show is virtual as elsewhere. Native PalmOS progress dialog.

2004-12-30 15:07 ABX, revision 31193

wxPD_CAN_SKIP for skipping parts of progress and reintroduced wxPD_SMOOTH after removal of modal dialog flag.

2004-12-29 22:48 RD, revision 31192

Fix position of the movie when the immediate parent is not the top-level parent and the offset from the top-level parent origin needs to be accounted for.

2004-12-29 21:19 ABX, revision 31191

Warning fixes, source cleaning.

2004-12-29 21:15 ABX, revision 31190

Fixes to FIXME about stock IDs usage.

2004-12-29 10:10 SC, revision 31189

added RequestUserAttention

2004-12-29 09:48 ABX, revision 31188

Empty container and design description for native PalmOS wxPrefConfig. Remove MSW configs from PalmOS.

2004-12-29 07:12 SC, revision 31187

moving cursor update AFTER the mouse event handling, otherwise things like eg drawing a splitter from right to left leads to wrong cursor, because - at the time of the cursos update - the splitter is not yet move below the mouse pos.

2004-12-29 04:00 DE, revision 31186

Added wxBitmap::UseAlpha() stub.

2004-12-29 03:55 DE, revision 31185

Some platforms that use socklen_t don't use it for the fifth argument to getsockopt. Do a separate test and define SOCKOPTLEN_T appropriately. NOTE: Forgot to commit this earlier.

2004-12-28 22:30 GT, revision 31184

Added more support for using SQL_WVARCHAR and SQL_WCHAR data types Blind postgres fixes for calls to TableExists() and TablePrivileges() inside the Open() function to not pass the user name when postgres is expecting the schema. We REALLY need to add schema support...wish I had the time

2004-12-28 22:28 GT, revision 31183

Added more support for using SQL_WVARCHAR and SQL_WCHAR data types

2004-12-28 22:27 GT, revision 31182

Added SQL_WVARCHAR and SQL_WCHAR to the data types that the sample checks to see if they are supported by the datasource when the DATATYPES button is pressed

2004-12-28 22:06 DE, revision 31181

Removed old bakefile cruft by doing a bakefile_gen -f autoconf -c followed by a bakefile_gen -f autoconf. I then hand edited the file to add back in the dnl ### begin block 00_header ### line, the BAKEFILE_AUTOCONF_INC_M4_VERSION="0.1.4" line (confusingly only generated by a CVS copy newer than 0.1.4) and remove the dnl Conditions: line. This file's size is now less than half of what it was!

2004-12-28 21:32 GT, revision 31180

More parameter variable names fixed to make them more readable by replacing abbreviations with the full word

2004-12-28 21:16 RD, revision 31179

Docs for [GS]etDefaultPyEncoding