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2004-09-22 06:29 JJ, revision 29253

Committing in . Changes to make compilations on OpenVMS work: displayx11.h : one semicolon removed, since it is not needed progdlgg.cpp : On some systems (like OpenVMS) unsigned types are realy unsigned. So a comparison unsigned_var < 0 is always false and causes unreacheable code, which is flagged by the compiler. In this case a change from unsigned long to long was more what was intended here. Modified Files: wxWidgets/include/wx/unix/displayx11.h wxWidgets/src/generic/progdlgg.cpp ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2004-09-22 06:22 ABX, revision 29252

Correct #if markup to spin-based controls handling.

2004-09-22 06:20 ABX, revision 29251


2004-09-22 06:18 ABX, revision 29250

Warning fix to unused variable.

2004-09-22 06:17 ABX, revision 29249

Adjustement to the small display of Smartphones.

2004-09-22 06:10 ABX, revision 29248

wxrc impossible on WinCE.

2004-09-21 23:46 RL, revision 29247

Filter out the 'std' pseudo-lib from monolithic builds too.

2004-09-21 22:30 RD, revision 29246

Bump subrelease to

2004-09-21 21:54 RL, revision 29245

Add xrc to the dist target. Bump subrelease to

2004-09-21 21:21 VZ, revision 29244

update from Petri Jooste for 2.5.2

2004-09-21 18:15 ABX, revision 29243

Source cleaning: whitespaces, tabs, -1/wxNOT_FOUND, TRUE/true, FALSE/false.

2004-09-21 17:58 RL, revision 29242

Fix registered location of docs.

2004-09-21 17:16 RL, revision 29241

wx-config2.6 Designed to be resiliant against future cut and paste coders. Any gnarly parts are black boxed away nicely to avoid accidents and have integrated debugging support for trivial sanity checking in the event of modification or trouble. In this way the major operations are all cleanly separated making any or all of them simply extensible, or replaceable in the face of future needs. Functions now all have api descriptions. If you rely on a function to act in some way, please document it to safeguard yourself against inadvertant interface changes by others. Everything now runs top top to bottom, we don't try to output things as fast as we can read them anymore, instead we read everything in, sort over it just once without the need for 'just in case' temp's, and then output whatever we were asked for only when we are sure we have the correct answer. Almost all key data aims to be constant past the point of its initialisation so side effect creep and trouble with half (re)initialised data should be significantly reduced in future. In almost every case it is easy and clean to simply delay initialisation until all required input channels have been emptied. If you like, think of it as mostly being one big constructor, with a little destructor at the end which outputs what you requested. At core, it is simply a generated config file -- with some user friendly logic for extracting its data and finding related files. Removed references to --gl-libs in --help. It still exists, but if its deprecated, no need to fill space in a compact help summary. It will remain documented (as deprecated) in the man page. Removed references to arcane order rules for arguments. Those limitations don't exist anymore, though the options are backward compatible in all other respects from the user pov. Removed references to --inplace, it doesn't need to be in the summary help either. It also is still accepted as an option, but there is no value in passing it, an uninstalled wx-config will automatically behave correctly. When you need --inplace, it will supply that behaviour for you (but there is no harm in typing it your self in that case). If you do type it when you don't need it, bad things will probably happen just like they always would have. Along with items above, generally compressed --help text to fit on even a traditional sized terminal without the need for paging. If we want more detailed help built in, it should be broken into separate pages, and this would be a trivial extension. Command line input is now controlled by a small generic parser. You define what options you want and what groups you want them in by initialising them as lists. It runs over all the input and fills corresponding psuedo-hashes from it for you to use as you please later. Added a validator for it to check yes/no options. Use posix extended regex instead of gnu 'basic' regex extensions, grep -E is portable, if gmake is not a requirement, we surely can't push gnu grep on people. Made --list more user friendly. It will now always list the current wx-config if it matches the feature spec, though it will warn if that config is not in the specified --prefix. Alternate configs that match (if any) are listed separately. An unqualified call to wx-config --list will always return (at least) the config that was called. We can never have a 'hanging' wx-config shell with no real implementation to back it up anymore so we can always return a sensible result for the user. A wx-config anywhere can list (and hence use) the configs installed in any (other) prefix. Delegation. Too big a topic to remark on in depth here, see the code for a fuller description. With everything being nicely constant and aligned to the respective library build, then aside from delegation, wx-config really is _just_ a config file (albeit with a layer of logic around the constants), and each wx-config carries a set of defaults which match perfectly the library build that it was generated with. If you choose a set of features that it can match, it will answer all your queries for them, if it cannot, it will seek to delegate to the config that is most like itself, but which can supply all the features you specified. This should be completely compatible with any set of options that returned a sensible result previously, and produce a sensible result in many cases where previously the collating order of your locale or the nuances of your filesystem operations would decide which library it thought you wanted. Sort duplicates out of the list of libraries and trickle shared dependencies down the list to properly support static builds. Added the inplace-config tweak for use in the build tree. This works like any other config, except it presets the default prefix to point at the build dir instead of the configured prefix that will become the default if this build is installed. It provides the behaviour of --inplace when $build_dir/wx-config is called without also specifying a different --{exec-,}prefix or any feature flags that it is incompatible with. In that event, it will try to delegate as per the normal rules. The inplace wrapper is not installed with the primary config which cleanly disables it for system installs. It will be invalidated if the build (or source) dir is moved, but will be revalidated if the build tree is subseqently updated with ./config.status --recheck && config.status (which it probably would need to be to build anyway for other reasons at present too) Enabled full support for static builds again, promoted --static to a full feature option. Fixed --ld to return something for them too. Added --flavour, similar to the existing --vendor, but for autoconf builds. These will probably want to be streamlined further. Broadened the use of release and flavour labels to support better concurrent installs. Fix bit rot in make-dist due to new/deleted files. Whittled down the number of obsolete and duplicated substitution variables in, and lowercased some variables we no longer export for substitution. Use the autoconf macros to generate files where we want them instead of making them someplace and then moving them all about. Remove extra files and symlinks added for the two part wx-config version. Removed the debian -contrib packages. We'll use multi-lib support to manage them from now on and indiviual libs can be split out along functional lines if required. This means the retained contribs will now get __WXDEBUG__ versions packaged too. Removed conflicts from almost packages except i18n and wxPython. All packages now either update or install alongside any existing ones. Added support for flavoured debs as well.

2004-09-21 13:24 , revision 29240
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/animate/animate_animatedll.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/animate/animate_animatelib.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/fl/fl_fldll.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/fl/fl_fllib.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/net/netutils.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/ogl/ogl_ogldll.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/ogl/ogl_ogllib.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/stc/stc_stcdll.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/stc/stc_stclib.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/svg/svg_svgdll.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/contrib/build/svg/svg_svglib.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/demos/dbbrowse/makefile.gtk
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/lib/dummy
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/misc/afm
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/misc/afm/.cvsignore
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/misc/afm/Zapf.afm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/grid/bitmap1.bmp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/grid/bitmap2.bmp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/internat/internat.def
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/internat/internat.rc
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/internat/makefile.vms
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/internat/mondrian.ico
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/layout/expt.cpp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/layout/fload.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/layout/layout.def
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/layout/makefile.vms
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/mdi/chart.ico
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/mdi/makefile.vms
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/mdi/mdi.def
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/mdi/mdi.ico
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/mdi/mondrian.ico
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/png/pngdemo.rc
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/printing/fload.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/printing/printing.def
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/resource
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/splitter/mondrian.ico
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/tab/mondrian.ico
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/samples/treectrl/treetest.dsp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/common/
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/configure
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/expat.dsp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/lib/expat.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/lib/internal.h
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/lib/macconfig.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/lib/winconfig.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/expat/lib/xmlparse.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/bdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/cdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/cross.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/fdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/horiz.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk/verti.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/bdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/cdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/cross.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/fdiag.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/horiz.xbm
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/gtk1/verti.xbm
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/html/htmlfilter.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/html/htmlhelp.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/html/search.cpp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/.cvsignore
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/ANNOUNCE
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/ansi2knr.1
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/ansi2knr.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/CHANGES
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/configure
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/example.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/INSTALL
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/KNOWNBUG
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/LICENSE
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/libpng.3
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/libpng.txt
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/libpngpf.3
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/MAKEFILE.VA
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/makefile.dos
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/makefile.unx
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/makefile.wat
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/makemac6.mcp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/png.5
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/png.c
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/png.dsp
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/png.dsw
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/png.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngasmrd.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngconf.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngerror.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pnggccrd.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngget.c
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngM5.xml
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngM7.mcp
  • A /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngM8.xml
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngmem.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngpread.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngread.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngrio.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngrtran.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngrutil.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngset.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngtest.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngtrans.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngvcrd.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngwio.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngwrite.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngwtran.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/pngwutil.c
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/projects/beos
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/projects/beos/x86-shared.txt
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/projects/beos/x86-static.txt
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/projects/borland
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/projects/msvc
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/README
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/scripts/makefile.bd32
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/scripts/makefile.sgi
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/scripts/pngdef.pas
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/TODO
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/png/Y2KINFO
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/regex/regfronts.c
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/unix/net.cpp
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/algorithm.txt
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/crc32.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/FAQ
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/INDEX
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/inflate.h
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/README
  • R /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/src/zlib/trees.h
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/HelpGen/helpgen.dsp
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/HelpGen/makefile.bcc
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/HelpGen/makefile.gcc
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/HelpGen/
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/HelpGen/makefile.wat
  • D /wxWidgets/tags/END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE/utils/wxprop

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'END_OF_THE_STONE_AGE'.

2004-09-21 13:24 ABX, revision 29239

Missed labels to replace number of 'topicNNN' in anchors.

2004-09-21 11:34 CE, revision 29238

fix for gtk/mdi when changing menubars

2004-09-21 10:18 ABX, revision 29237

XRC movement influenced depth of paths.

2004-09-21 10:11 ABX, revision 29236

XRC library usage fix.

2004-09-21 09:08 ABX, revision 29235

Smartphone fix.

2004-09-21 09:03 ABX, revision 29234

WinCE warning fix.

2004-09-20 19:30 VS, revision 29233

moving XRC to the core

2004-09-20 19:15 VS, revision 29232

moving XRC to the core

2004-09-20 18:41 VS, revision 29231

moving XRC to the core

2004-09-20 11:31 ABX, revision 29230

Source cleaning: whitespaces, tabs, -1/wxID_ANY/wxDefaultCoord, TRUE/true, FALSE/false.

2004-09-20 11:21 ABX, revision 29229

Missed labels to replace number of 'topicNNN' in anchors.