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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2004-09-23 15:41 ABX, revision 29278

Missed labels to replace number of 'topicNNN' in anchors. Consistent use of -dtor/-ctor addition in anchors.

2004-09-23 14:03 VS, revision 29277

fixed unresolved references with GTK+ 2.0

2004-09-23 12:43 ABX, revision 29276

wx(Choice/List/Note)book controls send CHANG(ED/ING) events in SetSelection.

2004-09-23 10:07 VZ, revision 29275

don't free user data before sending wxEVT_COMMAND_LIST_DELETE_ALL_ITEMS, this prevents user from doing cleanup in his OnDeleteAllItems() handler

2004-09-23 09:59 VZ, revision 29274

hack to _really_ fix crashes in comctl32.dll when processing HDN_GETDISPINFO

2004-09-23 09:39 RN, revision 29273

quick comment fix

2004-09-23 09:18 VS, revision 29272

wxUSE_XRC implies wxUSE_XML now

2004-09-23 09:14 VS, revision 29271

XRC needs wxXML, check it

2004-09-23 08:39 ABX, revision 29270

Smartphone native look and feel.

2004-09-23 03:35 RN, revision 29269

simple GetContext() and one other minor doc

2004-09-23 01:02 RD, revision 29268

Added limited support for wxEventLoop (you can't derive from a wx.PyEventLoop version yet...) Updated and moved the sample showing how to replace the MainLoop to samples/mainloop/

2004-09-23 00:58 RD, revision 29267

Made wxGTK's wxEventLoop::IsRunning a little more consistent with wxMSW's and uninstall the idle handled like wxYield does so Pending can eventually return false.

2004-09-23 00:53 RD, revision 29266

plug memory leak

2004-09-23 00:43 RD, revision 29265

Fixes for bug #1031151 and #1031239

2004-09-22 21:23 RN, revision 29264

wxUSE_XML and wxUSE_XRC build fixes if expat is not enabled

2004-09-22 20:57 RR, revision 29263

Small fix for tabbing into wxListBox.

2004-09-22 20:47 RN, revision 29262

Only include/build pnghand if the user builds the png library (avoids multiple build errors)

2004-09-22 20:30 RN, revision 29261

Fix aggregate has a partly bracketed Unmatched initializer warnings - which means that the compiler can't figure out which types the initializer list refers to - so now we're telling the compiler that the first and second 16 values do refer to the Bit16s and the last two values refer to the Point part of Cursor

2004-09-22 20:29 RL, revision 29260

Install the config files for cross debs under /usr/$(host), but link them to the default system location under /usr. This way the commands: wx-config --prefix=/usr/$(host) and wx-config --prefix=/usr --host=$(host) are much more congruent in their action. Another nail in the coffin for inplace hacks. Link $srcdir/include to the build dir so that --prefix=$build_dir really does point to a realistic looking installed development environment. I don't know why I didn't do this instead of (ab)using --exec-prefix to 'fix' this simple omission for so long. Probably because it is much more obvious if contrib is out of the picture. That makes it a little more work right now, but long term this is a very clean and correct thing to do. It completely absolves us of the two independent variables problem, and of the tree becoming bogus without actually being stale.

2004-09-22 15:08 RL, revision 29259

Move the WX_FLAVOUR variables to be defined generally, not just for autoconf builds, else the wince targets (at least) will complain.

2004-09-22 14:51 RR, revision 29258

Make radiobutton tab behaviour the same on MSW as in standard MSW app, i.e. tab into the activated, not necessarily the first radio button.

2004-09-22 14:38 ABX, revision 29257

Source cleaning: whitespaces, tabs, -1/wxID_ANY/wxNOT_FOUND/wxDefaultCoord, TRUE/true, FALSE/false.

2004-09-22 11:56 ABX, revision 29256

Smartphone fix.

2004-09-22 10:59 ABX, revision 29255

Missed labels to replace number of 'topicNNN' in anchors. Consistent use of -dtor/-ctor addition in anchors.

2004-09-22 10:02 CE, revision 29254

script for nightly builds