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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2005-03-07 23:07 VZ, revision 32653

don't exclude msw/gsocket.cpp and msw/gsockmsw.cpp from using PCH, there is no reason to do it now that these files are in C++ and not in C

2005-03-07 22:48 VZ, revision 32652


2005-03-07 22:42 VZ, revision 32651

added file with WinCE-specific configuration options checks

2005-03-07 22:40 VZ, revision 32650

compilation fix for CE with Standard SDK

2005-03-07 22:37 VZ, revision 32649


2005-03-07 22:17 JS, revision 32648

Need wxFULL_REPAINT_ON_SIZE for the background to erase properly (needs to be optimized)

2005-03-07 22:12 VZ, revision 32647

compilation fix for VC6 (patch 1158433)

2005-03-07 21:52 JS, revision 32646

Added metal styles

2005-03-07 21:50 JS, revision 32645

Added wxFRAME_EX_METAL, wxDIALOG_EX_METAL for Mac metal appearance (saves #ifdefing)

2005-03-07 21:35 VZ, revision 32644

look in /usr/lib64 before standard locations, this should fix build on Linux AMD64

2005-03-07 20:44 JS, revision 32643

Removed very very obsolete flags from 1.x

2005-03-07 20:18 ABX, revision 32642

More wxFileOffset usage and making layout of the code little more readable.

2005-03-07 20:06 VZ, revision 32641

fix evaluation order bug (patch 1158099)

2005-03-07 19:50 VZ, revision 32640

harmless warning fixes for WinCE (mostly unused parameters)

2005-03-07 19:26 VZ, revision 32639

harmless warning fixes for WinCE (mostly unused parameters)

2005-03-07 19:22 VZ, revision 32638

fix to avoid eVC crashes: restored wxObjectEventFunction declaration so that it defines a wxObject method, not wxEvtHandler one

2005-03-07 19:10 ABX, revision 32637

Inform settings about wxWindow class existence.

2005-03-07 18:28 RD, revision 32636

Don't enable the mediactrl on jaguar

2005-03-07 17:39 ABX, revision 32635

Warning fix.

2005-03-07 17:38 RR, revision 32634

Applied GetSystemMetric patch to suppurt GTK and multihead display.

2005-03-07 17:27 RR, revision 32633

Applied patch to reenable single selection mode.

2005-03-07 17:25 RR, revision 32632

This fixes a problem in the two tree and list controls that are trigger if the user app shows dialog in reaction to the user pressing e.g. <ENTER>. The edit text control will lose focus and emit another event. Might be possible to fix without adding another field, but this way it surely works. Also added correction to treecontrol as per listcontrol in the situation when a label change happens by losing the focus and the user cannot reject it, another event is emitted.

2005-03-07 17:20 RR, revision 32631

Readd support for prelight tree control triangles (visual effect when mouse is over the triangle/button)

2005-03-07 17:19 RR, revision 32630

Use GtkPixmap instead of GtkImage as the latter incorrectly displays greyed images for some reason.

2005-03-07 02:11 VZ, revision 32629

replaced complicated and not working test for WinCE version with a simple and working test for whether WM_CONTEXTMENU is defined