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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2004-12-12 09:15 RN, revision 30940

fix wxTheApp include

2004-12-12 01:37 KH, revision 30939

Revert change to wording... it is correct to have "aN 1800-page" because the full wording is "an eighteen hundred-page," where the an is clearly correct (say it out loud and it is clear than you would not say "a eighteen hundred-page")

2004-12-12 00:09 VZ, revision 30938

don't look for notebooks beyond first top level parent in our hierarchy

2004-12-12 00:06 VZ, revision 30937

never return NULL_BRUSH from WM_CTLCOLOR handler, it doesn't do much for most controls and breaks background erase for a few (slider, static text, static bitmap, ...)

2004-12-11 23:35 VZ, revision 30936

use MSWAlwaysDrawBg() to fix the problem with black background; rewrote/cleaned up the positioning and window creation code

2004-12-11 23:35 VZ, revision 30935

helper class for implementing composite controls under MSW

2004-12-11 23:34 VZ, revision 30934

added MSWAlwaysDrawBg() to account for controls such as sliders which must not draw background with transparent brush no matter what

2004-12-11 23:32 VZ, revision 30933

added wxRectFromRECT()

2004-12-11 23:29 VZ, revision 30932

added and documented wxRect::Union(); also moved some methods inline

2004-12-11 21:54 RR, revision 30931

A bit of updating the changes.txt etc.

2004-12-11 21:52 RR, revision 30930

Backed-out PNG8 patch (no time to look at why it breaks other PNGs).

2004-12-11 21:33 RR, revision 30929

Whole bunch of minor doc updates from an external patch. Also documented combobox's EVT_TEXT_ENTER

2004-12-11 20:01 VZ, revision 30928

translate VK_OEM_PLUS to '=', not '+', because this is what the unmodified key is

2004-12-11 12:51 RR, revision 30927

Add SetFocusIgnoringChildren() to wxControlContainer. This makes corresponding hacks in wxListCtrl and wxTreeCtrl obsolete. With docs.

2004-12-10 16:20 ABX, revision 30926

Bug #1040683: Remove assert when deleting menu entry.

2004-12-10 12:01 ABX, revision 30925

wxFoldBar now also horizontal (with API methods renamed to mean length rather than height) and more with wxWidgets coding standards. Sample adjustement to changing orientation.

2004-12-10 11:24 JS, revision 30924

Workaround for memory bug when using wxRegConfig and calling SetPath.

2004-12-10 11:23 VZ, revision 30923

really implemented operator==(); reformatted a little

2004-12-10 07:28 ABX, revision 30922

Back to broken comparison until it is not fixed other way.

2004-12-10 01:53 DE, revision 30921

Wrap wxImage specifics in wxUSE_IMAGE and wxBitmap specifics in wxUSE_GUI. This allows the code to be used from wxBase with other image classes.

2004-12-09 19:39 VZ, revision 30920

compilation fix for wxUSE_DATAOBJ == 0

2004-12-09 15:27 JS, revision 30919

Combobox corrections

2004-12-09 15:16 JS, revision 30918

Added further 'missing' wxTextCtrl-like functions to wxComboBox

2004-12-09 15:10 RN, revision 30917

fixup {/'s with last commit merge pre tag change from wxWebSite

2004-12-09 14:59 JS, revision 30916

Spelling corrections