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2011-08-19 05:47 DS, revision 68785

Added option to TIFF handler for specifying the photometric interpretation. Added option wxIMAGE_OPTION_TIFF_PHOTOMETRIC for reading and writing TIFF images. This is mostly for being able to distinguish between PHOTOMETRIC_MINISBLACK (chocolate flavour) and PHOTOMETRIC_MINISWHITE (vanilla) as currently the flavour used was fixed. It applies to greyscale as well as black and white images. Added unit tests to verify the written photometric value. Also see #13194.

2011-08-19 04:35 DS, revision 68784

Added support for saving greyscale TIFF images. When saving with a samples per pixel value of 1 the TIFF handler still treated the image as RGB, resulting in corrupted images. Handle the greyscale case and added a unit test for it.

2011-08-19 04:27 DS, revision 68783

Changed TIFF handler's monochrome conversion to look at the green channel instead of red. It's common when reducing a coloured image to greyscale or black and white to give the green channel more significance. Since we're only looking at a single channel use the green one instead of red.

2011-08-19 04:00 DS, revision 68782

Fixed crash when saving as a monochrome TIFF image with incomplete options set. When setting only wxIMAGE_OPTION_TIFF_BITSPERSAMPLE to 1 the used samples per pixel (wxIMAGE_OPTION_TIFF_SAMPLESPERPIXEL) would still be set to 3. This is invalid and confuses libtiff, resulting in a crash ("possible heap corruption" during _TIFFfree using WinXP+MSVC8). Set the used samples per pixel to 1 explicitly in cases where only bits per sample is set to 1. Added a unit test to check for this problem (and verify the bits per sample from the saved image is indeed 1).

2011-08-19 03:31 DS, revision 68781

No code changes. Renamed variable bpp (bits per pixel) in TIFF handler to what it actually represents: bps (bits per sample).

2011-08-19 03:19 DS, revision 68780

Renamed the options specific to the TIFF handler. The loading/saving options that are specific for TIFF were in the form of wxIMAGE_OPTION_<name> while all other non-generic options use the form wxIMAGE_OPTION_<imagetype>_<name>. Renamed the TIFF options to the form wxIMAGE_OPTION_TIFF_<name> and kept the old names for backwards compatibility.

2011-08-19 03:13 DS, revision 68779

improved wxImage documentation. moved description of wxIMAGE_OPTION_GIF_COMMENT from wxImage::GetOptionInt documentation to wxImage::GetOption because the value of the GIF option is a string, not int.

2011-08-19 03:09 LV, revision 68778

wxWheelsCtrl wxiOS implementation + some tests

2011-08-19 03:08 DS, revision 68777

Improved saving of TIFF monochrome images. When reducing an RGB image to black and white any non-black pixel was treated as white resulting in mostly white images. Set the threshold to 127 instead to improve the looks of saved monochrome TIFF images.

2011-08-18 19:32 JC, revision 68774

Merged from the trunk

2011-08-18 15:29 SJL, revision 68773

Remove a couple of unused forward declarations.

2011-08-18 15:15 DS, revision 68772

Fixed saving TIFF images to wxMemoryOutputStream. Libtiff attempts to seek past the end of a stream and the behaviour for this can vary per stream implementation. Fixed failure to seek by filling the gap between the end of stream and new seek position with zeroes. Enabled a unit test which so far was disabled due to wxMemoryOutputStream failing to save a TIFF because of the seeking problem. Also closes #4089.

2011-08-18 12:51 SJL, revision 68771

Add some version checks to help compiling on OSX.

2011-08-18 11:28 JC, revision 68770

samples/drawing can work

2011-08-18 11:26 SJL, revision 68769

Remove MoveWindow method.

2011-08-18 08:23 JC, revision 68768

Added code for creating cairo context in dcmemory. Samples/caret works very well. Caret rendering is good.

2011-08-18 07:52 JC, revision 68767

Fixed a bug in creating cairo_image_surface from wxImage.GetData(). Now samples/image can load and show image correctly

2011-08-17 23:01 DS, revision 68766

Improved BMP decoding. The BMP decoder did not handle images that are not stored upside down but straight up (in which case the height is negative). Also with RLE4 or RLE8 compressed images the 'end of scanline' RLE marker was not handled correctly. Fixed the issues and added a unit test for them.

2011-08-17 21:34 JC, revision 68765

Improved a little bit

2011-08-17 18:25 JC, revision 68764

Merged from trunk to fix the bug in samples/thread and samples/menu

2011-08-17 15:50 SJL, revision 68763

Return true by default under OSX WebKit.

2011-08-17 15:46 SJL, revision 68762

Correctly stop the loading animation in the sample when we veto navigation.

2011-08-17 13:19 SJL, revision 68761

Derive wxWebViewEvent from wxNotifyEvent.

2011-08-17 12:55 SJL, revision 68760

Rename LoadUrl to LoadURL. This corrects the capitalisation as it is an acronym, and brings it into line with GetCurrentURL.

2011-08-17 12:49 SJL, revision 68759

Tidy up webview.h. Remove all of the doxygen comments which have now been moved to the interface file. Organise method declarations more sensibly.

2011-08-17 12:36 SJL, revision 68758

Make a few internal methods private.

2011-08-17 12:35 VZ, revision 68757

Use correct format specifier for thread id in the sample. Thread id is an (unsigned) long, not just unsigned, so use "%lx" to print it instead of "%x" to avoid asserts in formatting code. Closes #13404.

2011-08-17 12:35 VZ, revision 68756

Restore stock item labels mistakenly removed by r68641. The patch adding separate string for the labels with mnemonics and the ones without them has somehow managed to remove entries for 10 stock ids. Restore them now. Closes #13403.

2011-08-17 12:26 SJL, revision 68755

Const correct the wxWebView api.

2011-08-17 10:38 JS, revision 68754

Better text control non-selection solution

2011-08-17 10:38 JS, revision 68753

Better text control non-selection solution

2011-08-17 09:05 JC, revision 68752

samples/image can start but the image reader seems buggy

2011-08-17 07:40 JC, revision 68751

Minor fix

2011-08-17 04:51 JC, revision 68750

samples/dialog works without a warning

2011-08-16 22:52 JS, revision 68749

Implemented non-selection of content when setting focus via the keyboard.

2011-08-16 22:51 JS, revision 68748

Implemented non-selection of content when setting focus via the keyboard.

2011-08-16 20:14 SC, revision 68747

using sizer

2011-08-16 20:13 SC, revision 68746

using sizer

2011-08-16 20:12 SC, revision 68745

fixing vertical size expansion

2011-08-16 20:00 SC, revision 68744

fixing layout for segmented control

2011-08-16 18:40 JC, revision 68743

Merged from trunk

2011-08-16 18:33 JC, revision 68741

Applied Paul's patch. DoGetAsBitmap still neends improvements

2011-08-16 18:27 SC, revision 68740

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:22 SC, revision 68739

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:20 SC, revision 68738

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:18 SC, revision 68737

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:17 SC, revision 68736

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:14 SC, revision 68735

using sizers

2011-08-16 18:14 SC, revision 68734

fixing standard icon buttons

2011-08-16 17:22 SC, revision 68733

integrating sizers