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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2009-03-06 18:52 RR, revision 59375

Initialise DC only when needed and deinitilise it properly before, fixes #10543: wxGTK wxDataViewCtrl Assert and Crash

2009-03-06 17:32 JMS, revision 59374

Property value images are no longer shrinked horizontally

2009-03-06 16:31 VZ, revision 59372

don't allow setting readonly combobox value to a string which is not one of the valid choices in wxGTK neither and document this behaviour (closes #10549)

2009-03-06 16:26 KO, revision 59371

docs/mac is now docs/osx.

2009-03-06 16:26 VZ, revision 59370

added wxZlibStream::SetDictionary() (closes #10551)

2009-03-06 16:13 VZ, revision 59369

fix duplicate events for selection keys after the last change (see #626)

2009-03-06 10:56 VZ, revision 59367

no changes, just some minor cleanup

2009-03-06 10:54 VZ, revision 59366

only set maximal tooltip width if it's greater than the previously set one to avoid breaking long lines if a shorter tooltip is added afterwards (see #10537)

2009-03-06 10:38 VZ, revision 59365

pass ApplyEdit() arguments to EndEdit() too for better backwards compatibility (closes #10544)

2009-03-06 08:46 CE, revision 59364

for 2.8.10

2009-03-06 08:19 JS, revision 59363

Removed conflicting virtual function

2009-03-06 00:05 FM, revision 59360

Indentation/coding style adjustments. Make the columns resize when dragging the columns in the header control intercepting the EVT_HEADER_RESIZING event

2009-03-06 00:01 FM, revision 59359

fix crash when using wxDataViewListStore::DeleteAllItems

2009-03-05 23:41 VZ, revision 59358

2nd (blind) fix for VC6 build

2009-03-05 22:54 KO, revision 59357

Fill out the left and top fields as well.

2009-03-05 21:54 KO, revision 59356

Make about dialog non-modal on GTK/Mac and don't show the OK button on Mac.

2009-03-05 21:47 FM, revision 59355

do not use HDS_FLAT by default

2009-03-05 21:21 KO, revision 59354

Sheet support for wxDirDialog.

2009-03-05 21:20 KO, revision 59353

Don't use result for both NS and wx button ID values.

2009-03-05 21:20 KO, revision 59352

Sheet support for wxMessageDialog.

2009-03-05 21:19 KO, revision 59351

Fix for sheets based on NSAlert.

2009-03-05 19:22 KO, revision 59349

Fix typo.

2009-03-05 19:21 KO, revision 59348

Make sure we call SetEventObject before firing events.

2009-03-05 19:20 KO, revision 59347

Make wxStaticText for OS X Cocoa properly size multiline strings.

2009-03-05 19:19 KO, revision 59346

Use sheets for native file dialogs if the dialog has its parent set.

2009-03-05 18:20 BP, revision 59345

Updated wxWidgets icons in art to use the new official logo.

2009-03-05 16:32 VZ, revision 59344

don't use WPARAM in the header (build fix after r59336)

2009-03-05 15:54 JS, revision 59343

Don't set a large minimum size for both panes

2009-03-05 15:54 JS, revision 59342

Don't set a large minimum pane size; the splitter should take account of the minimum size anyway. Having a large minimum size (for both panes) can cause problems when both panes are small.

2009-03-05 15:44 JS, revision 59341

Prevent the splitter sash being set smaller than minimum size

2009-03-05 15:44 JS, revision 59340

Prevent splitter sash being set below minimum size when moved (using the same minimum size for both windows is probably a bad design choice)

2009-03-05 14:13 VZ, revision 59336

fix multiple problems with selection in controls with wxTR_MULTIPLE style (closes #626)

2009-03-05 14:09 VZ, revision 59335

fix total breakage of all fonts in wxMSW caused by r57542 which changed the value of wxSystemFont enum elements in spite of the comment saying not to do this right above it

2009-03-05 14:00 VZ, revision 59334

set svn properties correctly for the new files (please use the auto-props!)

2009-03-05 13:58 VZ, revision 59333

(blind) fix for VC6 build

2009-03-05 12:46 VZ, revision 59332

PCH-less build fix

2009-03-05 05:43 KO, revision 59331

Ensure that WriteText moves the selection to the end and scrolls to the end, and implement EVT_TEXT_ENTER for NSTextField.

2009-03-05 05:23 KO, revision 59330

Fix comparison operator for functions keys (fixes #10547).

2009-03-05 00:36 FM, revision 59327

improve look of wxDataViewCtrl and of its renderer on wxMSW when windows XP themeing is not used (wxRendererXP::DrawItemSelectionRect implementation is ok also for wxRendererMSW; share the code). Fix a typo in the drawing code for horizontal rules in wxDataViewCtrl.

2009-03-04 23:34 KO, revision 59326

Ensure we get mouse moved events.

2009-03-04 23:23 FM, revision 59325

build fix

2009-03-04 22:33 FM, revision 59323

all code revisited. Main additions: - now it's possible to change the DVC style dynamically - make models more robust against deleting items, and against other allowed user actions - comment portions of the code to make it more didactive

2009-03-04 21:06 FM, revision 59321

some docs enhancements, in particular to wxDataViewListCtrl.

2009-03-04 19:53 JMS, revision 59320

By default, always refresh editor and redraw properties when property value is changed

2009-03-04 19:12 BP, revision 59319

Merged r59317 from trunk: More wxWindows -> wxWidgets updates (mostly URLs and mailing list addresses).

2009-03-04 19:09 KO, revision 59318

Don't always set the titled mask.

2009-03-04 19:04 BP, revision 59317

More wxWindows -> wxWidgets updates (mostly URLs and mailing list addresses).

2009-03-04 17:21 FM, revision 59316

reorganize the sample splitting it in two source files and an additional header; most important: don't tile all the controls into the main frame: it becomes too big; rather use a notebook control to properly layout them

2009-03-04 15:53 FM, revision 59315

build fix; document HasFeature() (should be part of r59313)

2009-03-04 15:23 FM, revision 59314

no real change: just reorder the code

2009-03-04 15:19 FM, revision 59313

remove wxSYS_DEFAULT_PALETTE: it's supported only by wxMSW and it never worked there: GetStockObject(DEFAULT_PALETTE) returns a palette and not a font; so the resulting wxFont is wrong. Expand and correct documentation for various system constants. Provide wxSYS_COLOUR_FRAMEBK as a synonym for wxSYS_COLOUR_BTNFACE as it is the colour which must be used to make wxFrame background coherent with the background of the controls they (eventually) contain.

2009-03-04 11:47 FM, revision 59311

add headers to the samples' bakefiles so that they show up in MSVC project files

2009-03-04 11:39 FM, revision 59310

revert addition of the simple listctrl; it doesn't help. Log the version of comctl32.dll under wxMSW; it's useful when reporting bugs or when debugging

2009-03-04 07:42 JJ, revision 59309

inserting missing include for non PCH-build

2009-03-03 23:23 KO, revision 59305

More fixes for clickCount... even sometimes when respondsToSelector returned true we'd get a crash, so only check clickCount for up and down events.

2009-03-03 23:10 FM, revision 59304

clarify the list of bitmap handlers natively supported. Clarify that wxBitmap::AddHandler isn't useful to the final user; wxImage::AddHandler should be used instead.

2009-03-03 21:17 JMS, revision 59302

Remove unneeded workaround for a ScrolledWindow issue that is now fixed

2009-03-03 21:04 JMS, revision 59301

Remove wxEnumProperty::ms_prevIndex

2009-03-03 20:57 FM, revision 59300

update the list of samples

2009-03-03 19:20 VZ, revision 59297

use ldlibs, not ldflags, for wx-config --libs output in gnu format as well as in autoconf one to ensure that the libraries appear at the end of the linker command line

2009-03-03 13:12 JS, revision 59295

Don't crash if no scrollbar Force wxVSCROLL in wxRTC

2009-03-03 10:34 VZ, revision 59294

fix old font size restoration in DoGetTextExtent() [backport of r56791 from trunk]

2009-03-03 09:24 VZ, revision 59293

compilation fix after last commit

2009-03-03 09:21 VZ, revision 59292

fix wxGTK1 compilation after wxTextEntry DoGetValue() change

2009-03-03 09:21 VZ, revision 59291

fix virtual function hiding warnings

2009-03-03 09:20 VZ, revision 59290

fix virtual function hiding warnings

2009-03-03 09:14 VZ, revision 59289

add tests directory too

2009-03-03 06:10 KO, revision 59288

Add demos directory.

2009-03-02 21:14 FM, revision 59286

ProcessPendingEvents() is now in wxApp

2009-03-02 20:49 VZ, revision 59285
  • M /wxWidgets/trunk/build/bakefiles/Bakefiles.bkgen
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/mfc/
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/mfc/makefile.bcc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/mfc/makefile.gcc
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/mfc/makefile.unx
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/mfc/makefile.wat

don't generate non-MSVC makefiles for MSVC-only samples

2009-03-02 20:45 FM, revision 59284

move pending event processing back to wxApp (these methods were moved into wxEventLoopBase during YieldFor() refactoring - see #10320): we need to be able to queue events even when there's no event loop running (e.g. wxApp::OnInit)

2009-03-02 20:43 VZ, revision 59283

wxOSX build fix for wxRichTextCtrl after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming to DoGetValue()

2009-03-02 20:41 FM, revision 59282

remove references to datetime_constants; they're not needed anymore

2009-03-02 20:11 KO, revision 59281

Land the rest of the changes made by a rebake after r59067.

2009-03-02 20:09 FM, revision 59280

revert r59246; the window parameter was there by purpose (i.e. for consistency with other Get* methods -- even if unused); document what the win parameter does in the various wxRenderer::Get* methods

2009-03-02 20:00 KO, revision 59279

Ensure the archives extract to a root directory bearing the release's name.

2009-03-02 19:28 VZ, revision 59278

another wxOSX build fix after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming to DoGetValue()

2009-03-02 19:17 VZ, revision 59277

wxOSX build fix after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming to DoGetValue()

2009-03-02 18:30 KO, revision 59276

Rebake after OS X Cocoa header changes.

2009-03-02 18:23 KO, revision 59275

Commit changes caused by setting's svn:eol-style to LF. (r58985)

2009-03-02 18:08 KO, revision 59274

Update files.bkl to look in the proper place for moved header files.

2009-03-02 16:23 VZ, revision 59273

build fix: define DoGetValue() and GetEditableWindow()

2009-03-02 16:22 VZ, revision 59272

compilation fix after GetEditableWindow() signature change

2009-03-02 14:54 VZ, revision 59270

fix warning about possibly uninitialized variable in release build

2009-03-02 14:49 VZ, revision 59269

remove SetValue() which is not needed and which definition was removed by the previous change

2009-03-02 14:03 VZ, revision 59268

make GetEditableWindow() protected as it's used by wxGTK wxTextEntry

2009-03-02 13:58 VZ, revision 59267

wxUniv compilation fixes after wxTextEntry::DoGetValue() change

2009-03-02 13:45 VZ, revision 59266

fix overloaded virtual warning

2009-03-02 13:31 VZ, revision 59265

added wxTextEntry::DoGetValue() to allow returning empty string if the control currently contains hint text

2009-03-02 12:40 VZ, revision 59264

set correct properties

2009-03-02 12:25 VZ, revision 59263

added wxTextEntry::SetHint() (a.k.a. cue banner or placeholder string)

2009-03-02 12:10 VZ, revision 59262

add ugly macros to abstract the difference between Bind() and Connect() -- this is still less ugly than having #ifs everywhere

2009-03-02 11:51 VZ, revision 59261

update to Dutch translations from Gideon van Melle

2009-03-02 10:43 VS, revision 59260

fixed compiler warning about struct/class mismatch (fixes #10534)

2009-03-01 21:01 FM, revision 59255

document that wxDialog::ShowModal() creates its own event loop

2009-03-01 21:00 FM, revision 59254

document internal wxDateTime enums the way they're meant to be documented in Doxygen

2009-03-01 20:35 FM, revision 59253

do not duplicate large blocks of docs; use @overload instead; provide link to the standard strftime() docs

2009-03-01 20:24 KO, revision 59252

Switch to a name + postfix naming scheme so that the postfix doesn't end up in the middle of the filename, improve zip compression, ensure MSW project files have the right line endings in all formats, and finally, point to the (pre-existing) way for displaying program options. :)

2009-03-01 18:51 KO, revision 59251

Use a different name for OS X Cocoa framework, and fix an accidental tab char.

2009-03-01 17:21 FM, revision 59249

fix rendering of wxGrid on wxMSW when a dialog is over the grid. To test the bug: open the "grid" sample and popup the about box, then move it over the grid; without this fix portions of wxGrid were painted as gray (disabled colour) even if the wxGrid itself was not disabled.