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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2008-11-18 18:46 JMS, revision 56839

Allow wxPropertyGridInterface::ClearSelection() to be called with NULL state (fixes defect #10195)

2008-11-18 15:51 VZ, revision 56834

fix compilation with cppunit 1.9 (which doesn't have stdCOut()) and some harmless warnings (which probably were fixed in newer cppunit version too)

2008-11-18 14:41 VZ, revision 56833

add header required for PCH-less mingw32 compilation (closes #10196)

2008-11-17 22:29 VZ, revision 56828

port updates for newer Intel compiler support from bakefile svn and rebake

2008-11-17 22:20 KO, revision 56827

svn merge -r 56812:56826

2008-11-17 21:39 KO, revision 56826

More fixes for API on 2.8.

2008-11-17 14:32 VZ, revision 56825

use GetResolutionFromOptions() to honour wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION and not just wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION[XY]

2008-11-17 14:27 VZ, revision 56824

fix bad typo in the code: wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION option was used where wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTIONUNIT was meant (reviewing documentation is useful for finding bugs too...)

2008-11-17 14:26 VZ, revision 56823

document all currently defined image options and their values

2008-11-17 14:07 VZ, revision 56822

implement const rbegin/rend() versions (closes #3866)

2008-11-17 13:54 VZ, revision 56821

added the possibility to rescale the image during loading, especially useful with JPEGs (#8390) (change to the sample accidentally committed as r56820)

2008-11-17 13:52 VZ, revision 56820

ignore files produced by the sample

2008-11-17 11:24 VZ, revision 56819

minor optimization: create wxTCPEventHandler only when/if we really need it

2008-11-17 11:12 VZ, revision 56818

fix assert failure if NULL size pointer was passed to Request() (as happened in the sample...)

2008-11-17 11:08 VZ, revision 56817

stricter reply code checking: verify that we get the expected reply, not just that we don't get IPC_FAIL

2008-11-17 11:00 VZ, revision 56816

really ensure that the pointer returned from MyConnection::OnRequest() remains valid

2008-11-17 09:59 VZ, revision 56815

preliminary documentation of wxEventLoop

2008-11-17 04:01 KO, revision 56812

svn merge -r 56501:56811

2008-11-16 23:58 KO, revision 56806

Mac fix for moving methods to non-virtual.

2008-11-16 23:46 KO, revision 56805

Fix issues caused by making DrawBitmap/CreateBitmap non-virtual on MSW.

2008-11-16 23:28 KO, revision 56802

Fix typo made during patch cleanup.

2008-11-16 23:25 KO, revision 56801

Landing 2.8 ABI compatible version of wxGraphicsBitmap API/implementation.

2008-11-16 22:24 KO, revision 56800

Experimental MSVC Project File build support, and some MSW tweaks.

2008-11-16 18:40 PC, revision 56798

remove obsolete macros

2008-11-16 18:31 PC, revision 56797

simplify wxPizza a bit by always drawing the border on parent

2008-11-16 18:20 PC, revision 56796

cleanup: unreachable code, unused variables, indentation, etc

2008-11-16 18:20 PC, revision 56795

make access for virtuals match base

2008-11-16 18:03 PC, revision 56794

check for self assignment in operator=

2008-11-16 14:24 VZ, revision 56792

fix some of icc 11.0 warnings and disable a few others

2008-11-16 14:22 VZ, revision 56791

fix restoration of the old font size in DoGetTextExtent() (thanks icc for a nice warning)

2008-11-15 11:49 FM, revision 56786

removed redundant wxClassName:: prefix

2008-11-15 11:37 FM, revision 56785

interface fixes; removed many functions which were deprecated in past and have already been removed from wx; renamed others wrongly named; added some @onlyfor tags to avoid false warnings in ifacecheck logs

2008-11-15 11:29 FM, revision 56784

avoid false warnings for wxThread and wxIPAddress

2008-11-15 11:10 FM, revision 56783

make GetPaperRect() and GetResolution() const functions

2008-11-15 10:34 JMS, revision 56782

Fixed various NULL reference issues. Also cleaned up wxPGComboBox code overall a bit.

2008-11-15 10:11 JMS, revision 56781

Fixed wxPropertyGridPage::DoSetSplitterPosition() infinite recursion

2008-11-14 23:44 VZ, revision 56776

do override SetSplitterPosition() in wxPropertyGridPage: this was clearly meant to happen but wasn't because of signature mismatch

2008-11-14 23:32 VZ, revision 56775

remove unused static wxColourFromPGLong function

2008-11-14 23:31 VZ, revision 56774

remove useless comparison of unsigned value with 0

2008-11-14 23:26 VZ, revision 56773

make code dealing with wxUSE_IDLEMENUUPDATES a bit more clear and avoid warning due to use of this constant in logical boolean expression

2008-11-14 23:23 VZ, revision 56772

CanPaste() should be const too

2008-11-14 23:22 VZ, revision 56771

disable warning about possible misaligned access given by HP aCC as we can't do anything about it because it's triggered by all GTK+ cast macros

2008-11-14 23:18 VZ, revision 56770

assigning line marker to itself shouldn't invalidate it, add self-assignment check

2008-11-14 23:12 VZ, revision 56769

consistently use wxAuiPaneInfo::Has/SetFlag() instead of using bit operations on its state field directly (this results in a warning about implicit sign change from HP aCC)

2008-11-14 23:09 VZ, revision 56768

comparison of wxBitmapType with -1 is useless as it can never be true; assume wxBITMAP_TYPE_INVALID was meant here

2008-11-14 23:02 KO, revision 56767

Do proper cleanup of event handlers in wxWebKitCtrl and wxMacUnicodeTextCtrl, and unset the window focus when destroying a top level window to ensure that controls do not receive events after the wx portion of the control has been destroyed.

2008-11-14 19:10 VZ, revision 56766

move the check for msgids matching the current language in front of everything else in AddCatalog(): why bother loading catalogs uselessly?

2008-11-14 19:06 VZ, revision 56765

assert in AddCatalog() if Init() hadn't been called and also check that we have a valid language spec in wxMsgCatalogFile::Load() to ensure we don't form invalid paths there; call Init() before AddCatalog() in the sample

2008-11-14 18:58 VZ, revision 56764

consistently use ExtractLang() everywhere instead of Left/Mid wxString methods; added ExtractCountry()

2008-11-14 18:17 VZ, revision 56763

more Doxygen warning fixes

2008-11-14 08:39 VZ, revision 56762

fix parameter name

2008-11-14 08:18 RR, revision 56761

#10183: patch to add wxOSX print job name

2008-11-13 22:32 VS, revision 56758

implement wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms

2008-11-13 22:30 VS, revision 56757

implement wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms

2008-11-13 21:32 FM, revision 56756

further ifacecheck fixes (now only 3.3% of documented methods have a wrong signature\!)

2008-11-13 17:19 RD, revision 56755

Set TOOLKIT_LOWERCASE correctly for the various flavors of wxOSX

2008-11-13 15:25 RR, revision 56754

#10181: wxOSX: patch for proper wxPrintData to/from native data exchange

2008-11-13 12:16 VZ, revision 56753

fix warnings about hiding virtual wxGraphicsContext::DrawText() overloads by using different names for the implementation functions

2008-11-13 12:04 VZ, revision 56752

no changes, just deTABbed

2008-11-12 15:58 VZ, revision 56751

use -Woverloaded-virtual if g++ supports it

2008-11-12 15:41 VZ, revision 56750

remove SO_SUFFIX from configure, this is handled by bakefile since many years and keeping this here is just confusing

2008-11-12 15:38 VZ, revision 56749

use = in test, not == which is not standard and not understood by all shells

2008-11-12 15:37 VZ, revision 56748

use correct shared library extension for HP-UX on ia64 [forward port from the next bakefile version]

2008-11-12 15:31 VZ, revision 56747

fix large files support for HP-UX v11: we need _LARGEFILE_SOURCE there; OTOH don't use _LARGE_FILES everywhere as it's only needed under AIX

2008-11-12 14:40 VZ, revision 56746

fix warning about hiding the base class LoadFile()

2008-11-12 14:36 VZ, revision 56745

added self-assignment check to wxListItem::operator=()

2008-11-12 14:34 VZ, revision 56744

added check for self-assignment to wxPrintData::operator=() (thanks HP aCC for a genuinely useful warning) and also changed it return type to the standard one instead of void

2008-11-12 14:32 VZ, revision 56743

there is no sqrt(int) in standard C++ (although glibc seems to provide it); select sqrt(double) explicitly to fix HP-UX compilation

2008-11-12 14:29 VZ, revision 56742

remove consts from casts which don't do anything except provoking HP aCC warnings; also removed useless occurrences of inline keyword

2008-11-12 11:55 VZ, revision 56740

rebake after r56738

2008-11-12 11:54 VZ, revision 56739

fix the dependencies directory name for traditional Unix compilers

2008-11-12 11:18 VZ, revision 56738

remove lines containing nothing but spaces: this is a (fatal) syntax error for HP-UX make

2008-11-10 23:55 VZ, revision 56733

use explicit global scope for a couple of more occurrences of new

2008-11-10 23:06 VZ, revision 56731

use base class copy ctor in wxPGCell and wxPGChoiceEntry copy ctor implementation

2008-11-10 21:33 FM, revision 56730

other ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-10 20:12 FM, revision 56728

update screenshots using the default theme for Windows XP (looks more modern than current Win98-like style); screenshots generated by Utensil Candel

2008-11-10 16:44 VZ, revision 56727

fix yet another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse

2008-11-10 14:30 VZ, revision 56726

compilation fix after wxFont changes (closes #10152)

2008-11-10 14:08 RR, revision 56725

Added wxChoice renderer to wxDataViewCtrl

2008-11-10 14:01 VZ, revision 56724

fix another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse

2008-11-09 16:49 FM, revision 56721

fix VC6 broken for variable scope handling

2008-11-09 16:46 FM, revision 56720

ifacecheck manual fixes

2008-11-09 16:44 FM, revision 56719

use wxEventType coherently with the docs

2008-11-09 16:30 FM, revision 56718

more intelligence to avoid false warnings

2008-11-09 15:36 FM, revision 56717

fix VC6 builds by removing variadic macros; use standard wxLogXXX functions instead, together with a new wxLog-derived target to print everything on stdout

2008-11-09 15:20 FM, revision 56716

fix typo: s/SetTimestamp/DisableTimestamp

2008-11-09 12:40 VZ, revision 56715

add wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER to the list of supported flags (closes #8865) [backport of r51036 from trunk]

2008-11-09 12:34 VZ, revision 56714

use global operator new to fix compilation errors if type T overloads new (as wxObject does with wxUSE_MEMORY_TRACING)

2008-11-09 11:33 FM, revision 56713

another wxFont OS2 blind build fix

2008-11-08 22:41 VZ, revision 56712

fix race condition which could result in assert failures in debug builds and infinite loops in release (#9094)

2008-11-08 18:03 BP, revision 56711

Fixed typo introduced in r51034 (don't unload Gnome VFS), apparently the fix in 2.8 wasn't tested (see also Gentoo bug #203389).

2008-11-08 15:25 FM, revision 56708

ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-08 15:17 FM, revision 56707

ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-08 15:01 FM, revision 56705

use wxFrameNameStr where possible instead of 'frame' string (for coherence with all other wxWidgets frame classes)

2008-11-08 14:38 FM, revision 56704

generate the output gcc XML file always in the same folder where '' script is placed

2008-11-08 14:04 FM, revision 56703

do not halt gccXML because wxUSE_ACCESSIBILITY, even if it's being used under linux

2008-11-08 12:56 FM, revision 56702

blind fix based on buildbot logs

2008-11-08 00:06 VZ, revision 56701

release the mouse in wxGrid dtor to avoid asserts when the grid is destroyed during e.g. a cell selection operation

2008-11-07 22:50 VZ, revision 56698

Finnish translations update from Elias Julkunen

2008-11-07 22:45 VZ, revision 56697

don't undefine BOOL if it's already defined (closes #10167)