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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2005-11-30 14:49 VZ, revision 36303

avoid multiple reallocations in wxString::PrintfV() if vsnprintf() returns the total required size

2005-11-30 13:32 VZ, revision 36302

removed sentence about ParseDateTime() not being implemented

2005-11-30 13:30 VZ, revision 36301

don't expect errno to be set to EOVERFLOW if vsnprintf() fails (backport of changes 1.260 and 1.261)

2005-11-30 13:20 SC, revision 36300

backporting rev 1.189 fix from cvs head

2005-11-30 13:14 MW, revision 36299

Make behaviour of Eof() more consistent

2005-11-30 12:41 MW, revision 36298

Make Eof() consistent with other streams

2005-11-30 08:43 ABX, revision 36297

Missing wxUSE_PALETTE markup (#1369489).

2005-11-30 07:59 vell, revision 36296

minor refactoring of menu UpdateUI handling

2005-11-30 07:58 ABX, revision 36295

Missing wxUSE_PALETTE markup (#1369489).

2005-11-30 07:43 ABX, revision 36294

Missing wxUSE_JOYSTICK markup (#1369478).

2005-11-30 06:36 RL, revision 36293

Output deprecated warning for --rezflags and permanently disable it. Remove WXCONFIG_POSTLINK_COMMAND that existed only for it. Make the explanation more explanatory. This is not an invitation for stray options and script helpers to do a little 'open mike', its a holding ground for nasty things we still need to fix.

2005-11-30 02:42 VZ, revision 36292

removed (now) unnecessary errno.h include

2005-11-29 23:05 VZ, revision 36291

fixed bug in wxSizerFlags::Align/Expand() methods

2005-11-29 22:59 VZ, revision 36290

don't expect errno to be set to EOVERFLOW if vsnprintf() fails

2005-11-29 22:10 VZ, revision 36289

don't clip out hidden radiobox buttons: otherwise they're displayed incorrectly when themes are in use

2005-11-29 19:26 VZ, revision 36288

added wxRadioBox::IsItemEnabled/Shown() (for MSW only for now, other platforms to come); corrected Enable/Show() return values

2005-11-29 17:48 MW, revision 36287

Remove pragma interface

2005-11-29 17:41 vell, revision 36286

cleaned up comments

2005-11-29 14:09 MW, revision 36285

It seems that wxFileInput/OutputStream now report eof after the last byte has been read past, so change docs to match.

2005-11-29 12:50 MR, revision 36284

Make wxJoystick::GetNumberJoystick a static method, as the number of joysticks attached to the computer is a global property, not one of the specific instance. Patch from Lauri Nurmi.

2005-11-29 09:03 JS, revision 36283

Removed duplicate xh_grid.cpp/h and rebaked files

2005-11-29 08:57 JS, revision 36282

Made explanation more concise

2005-11-29 05:17 RL, revision 36281

Fix include dirs for windres, enable emxbind to actually produce output, restore RESCOMP for backward compatibility and forward availability. Check for windres again. Whatever bakefiles do with it, they do not make it available to configure.

2005-11-29 01:19 VZ, revision 36280

added xrc/xh_grid.{h|cpp} and regenerated makefiles

2005-11-29 01:17 VZ, revision 36279

define REZ option (fixes problem with rebaking wx.bkl for autoconf format)