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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2005-05-23 10:48 ABX, revision 34290

Small wxString usage fix.

2005-05-23 10:28 ABX, revision 34289

Use treebase.h for enum duplicated in port/treectrl.h.

2005-05-23 10:11 ABX, revision 34288

Export fix found through Tinderbox.

2005-05-23 08:46 ABX, revision 34287

Use our own math.h wrapper.

2005-05-23 08:16 JS, revision 34286

Removed .def references

2005-05-23 07:15 ABX, revision 34285

Temporary fix, requires missing NMLVFINDITEM on some platforms.

2005-05-23 06:52 ABX, revision 34284

Include fix.

2005-05-23 06:03 DE, revision 34283

Force size to integer coordinates in all cases.

2005-05-23 05:55 DE, revision 34282

Implemented SetLabel

2005-05-23 04:11 DE, revision 34281

Applied patch 1206278 from Mike Wetherell. Changes ceilf calls to ceil to be compatible with Mac OS 10.1.

2005-05-23 03:08 RL, revision 34280

Bump the library age again, to reflect the fact we have made changes to the public api here already too. This should have been accompanied by an increase in the WX_CURRENT interface number too, but it is too late to fix that now I fear. We really should remove xh_tglbtn again, and schedule it for later addition, but I can hear the screams already, so if someone else feels managed binary compatibility is important please do so and lets find a good time to add it cleanly.

2005-05-23 02:41 RL, revision 34279

Whatever was wrong with this, it will need to be fixed some other way, the blind hack this reverts (#1007859) removes two symbols from the library and breaks backward compatibility. Someone will need to look at what is actually wrong with bcc builds and the patches that followed from this initial (itself wrong) change.

2005-05-22 23:39 DE, revision 34278

Make bitmaps work when compiling on Tiger and add some comments about this.

2005-05-22 22:57 VZ, revision 34277

allow SQLDriverConnect() to open the dialog asking the user for additional info by passing it a (potentially) non NULL HWND (patch 1092583)

2005-05-22 22:53 VZ, revision 34276

fixed drawing of owner drawn buttons with multiline labels

2005-05-22 22:17 VZ, revision 34275

fix assert when leaving control with wxDP_ALLOWNONE style (patch 1190145)

2005-05-22 22:11 VZ, revision 34274

define LONG_PTR for consistency too

2005-05-22 21:36 VZ, revision 34273

added support for incremental search in virtual list control (reworked patch 1189571)

2005-05-22 21:31 VZ, revision 34272

added virtual view mode with small number of items for testing search in virtual list control

2005-05-22 18:29 VZ, revision 34271

moved WM_PRINTCLIENT from wxRadioBox to wxStaticBox to allow using it as parent for other controls (modified patch 1188384)

2005-05-22 18:19 VZ, revision 34270

fix wxLongLongFmtSpec for mingw32, Borland and Watcom (patch 1184864)

2005-05-22 18:10 VZ, revision 34269

fixed remains of notebook flickering (improved patch 1181975)

2005-05-22 17:55 VZ, revision 34268

compilation fix: last commit broke non-Win64 compilation

2005-05-22 17:46 VZ, revision 34267

just some code cleanup: removed m_hwnd macro

2005-05-22 16:56 VZ, revision 34266

document Cmp[NoCase]() overloads taking wxString too (bug 1198423)