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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2005-12-18 13:51 MW, revision 36428

Changes to cope with parent streams which return an error instead of eof at the end of the file.

2005-12-18 12:31 JS, revision 36427

Separated XML and HTML rich text I/O handlers Cleaned up XML I/O Added HTML handler to build system Added encoding member for saving files output

2005-12-18 12:25 JS, revision 36426

Fixed bug introduced by compiler compatibility fix

2005-12-18 12:24 JS, revision 36425

Should use LoadFile for file, not LoadPage

2005-12-18 12:22 JS, revision 36424

Added space after list item number, otherwise number is hard against following text.

2005-12-18 12:19 JS, revision 36423

Fixed MDI context menu event handling problem (Stefan Kowski) Dialog invoked from context menu would need to have OK button pressed twice

2005-12-18 11:37 MW, revision 36422

Put back the warning flags

2005-12-18 03:49 RD, revision 36421


2005-12-18 03:43 RD, revision 36420

Don't include the old ogl docs or the metadata XML file any longer

2005-12-18 03:41 RD, revision 36419

Use the filename for the description of the code object so debuggers can trace into the demo modules

2005-12-17 22:01 SN, revision 36418

Use thread-safe functions where possible.

2005-12-17 19:23 VZ, revision 36417

use just SetSizerAndFit instead of 4 equivalent lines

2005-12-17 19:19 VZ, revision 36416

corrected DoGetVirtualSize() to return at least our real size

2005-12-17 04:56 RD, revision 36415

Fix for Bug #1352602: FileBrowseButtonWithHistory can't type in Value.

2005-12-17 04:11 RD, revision 36414

Fix for Bug #1283496: wxPython TheClipboard class causes problems for pychecker. Ensure the app has been created before initializing wx.TheClipboard.

2005-12-16 23:44 RD, revision 36413


2005-12-16 23:20 RD, revision 36412

Updates for wx.lib.foldpanelbar and wx.lib.hyperlink from Andrea Gavana.

2005-12-16 20:02 RD, revision 36411

Various tweaks to bring the wrappers up to the current state of CVS. Add missing ID's, methods, etc.

2005-12-16 17:37 KO, revision 36410

Script for building mo locale files.

2005-12-16 17:15 RD, revision 36409

backported recent changes on HEAD to the 2.6 branch

2005-12-16 14:54 JS, revision 36408

Fixed MDI context menu event handling problem (Stefan Kowski) Dialog invoked from context menu would need to have OK button pressed twice

2005-12-16 14:52 JS, revision 36407

Fixed MDI context menu event handling problem (Stefan Kowski)

2005-12-16 08:23 CE, revision 36406

fix bug with zero being returned by Borland in release build

2005-12-16 02:12 RL, revision 36405

Sync changes from Debian 2.6 tree. Fixes #324960, enabling to handle in tree builds without tainting used for (later) install to some other location.

2005-12-16 01:38 KO, revision 36404

Forward port 2.6 branch changes to head.