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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

1999-08-02 06:00 MB, revision 3237

Added code to set m_isBeingDeleted as per wxGTK

1999-08-02 04:54 DW, revision 3236

*** empty log message ***

1999-08-02 04:44 DW, revision 3235

*** empty log message ***

1999-08-02 04:19 MB, revision 3234

Added function GetDefaultSize

1999-08-02 03:23 MB, revision 3233

Added these accessor functions for wxGridEvent: GetRow, GetCol, GetPosition, GetCell, ControlDown, ShiftDown

1999-08-01 22:22 VZ, revision 3232

1. wxWindow::Centre() hopefully fixed 2. attempts to construct bitmaps from icons properly 3. wxTreeCtrl background is always white

1999-08-01 22:17 VZ, revision 3231

fix for wxMSW

1999-08-01 11:02 RR, revision 3230

Updated testconf, Compile fixes for docview and iostreams, SO_RCVTIMEO doesn't exist everywhere and must not be used for setting this option - only getting it on some systems Distrib things

1999-08-01 07:26 GL, revision 3229

wxMemoryStream doc updated Added auto-destruction in wxThread::Delete and wxThread::Kill Fixed thread destruction in thread sample

1999-07-31 21:56 VZ, revision 3228

compile warning fixed

1999-07-31 17:24 RR, revision 3227

Compile fixes for wxTreeCtrl (we don't speak about linking or - dear - even running) distrib updates

1999-07-31 13:58 VZ, revision 3226

added a blurb about wxBe

1999-07-31 13:33 GL, revision 3225

Converted some SetBlocking to SetNonBlocking

1999-07-31 09:20 JS, revision 3224

Added news and coding standards HTML files to CVS

1999-07-31 07:56 RD, revision 3223

wxPython 2.1b1: Added the missing wxWindow.GetUpdateRegion() method. Made a new change in SWIG (update your patches everybody) that provides a fix for global shadow objects that get an exception in their __del__ when their extension module has already been deleted. It was only a 1 line change in .../SWIG/Modules/pycpp.cxx at about line 496 if you want to do it by hand. It is now possible to run through MainLoop more than once in any one process. The cleanup that used to happen as MainLoop completed (and prevented it from running again) has been delayed until the wxc module is being unloaded by Python. wxWindow.PopupMenu() now takes a wxPoint instead of x,y. Added wxWindow.PopupMenuXY to be consistent with some other methods. Added wxGrid.SetEditInPlace and wxGrid.GetEditInPlace. You can now provide your own app.MainLoop method. See wxPython/demo/ for an example and some explaination. Got the in-place-edit for the wxTreeCtrl fixed and added some demo code to show how to use it. Put the wxIcon constructor back in for GTK as it now has one that matches MSW's. Added wxGrid.GetCells Added wxSystemSettings static methods as functions with names like wxSystemSettings_GetSystemColour. Removed wxPyMenu since using menu callbacks have been depreciated in wxWindows. Use wxMenu and events instead. Added alternate wxBitmap constructor (for MSW only) as wxBitmapFromData(data, type, width, height, depth = 1) Added a helper function named wxPyTypeCast that can convert shadow objects of one type into shadow objects of another type. (Like doing a down-cast.) See the implementation in for some docs.

1999-07-31 07:21 RD, revision 3222

some dist helpers for wxPython

1999-07-31 03:35 DW, revision 3221

*** empty log message ***

1999-07-30 22:45 VZ, revision 3220

wxMSW::wxTreeCtrl has multiple selection too (somewhat documented)

1999-07-30 21:47 DW, revision 3219

OS/2 updates

1999-07-30 21:46 DW, revision 3218

OS/2 linkage specification on METHODDEF macro

1999-07-30 18:32 VZ, revision 3217

no more assert failure in GetSelection() if there is no selection

1999-07-30 18:03 VZ, revision 3216

link fix for no sockets compilation

1999-07-30 17:54 GL, revision 3215

Renamed GSocket_SetBlocking to GSocket_SetNonBlocking and *Fallback to *Callback Added GSocket_SetTimeout Added timeout support in wxSocket (as it was in previous releases) Updated documentation

1999-07-30 17:31 VZ, revision 3214

a small fix to wxWindow::Centre

1999-07-30 17:02 VZ, revision 3213

explicit compilation fix

1999-07-30 13:16 RR, revision 3212

Some more doc beauty, Typo in wxDataStream,

1999-07-30 12:02 RR, revision 3211

Doc corrections, made wxHTML a chapter GUI thread work

1999-07-30 04:31 RD, revision 3210

wxPython documentation updates

1999-07-30 04:28 RD, revision 3209

fixed compiler error

1999-07-30 04:20 MB, revision 3208

Fixed m_majorDim bug a bit more (was still getting divide by zero error)

1999-07-30 04:01 MB, revision 3207

Added KeyRelease case to switch in wxTranslateKeyEvent so that wxApp::CheckForKeyUp will work

1999-07-30 03:55 MB, revision 3206

Added wxApp::CheckForKeyUp MB

1999-07-30 03:50 MB, revision 3205

Added wxApp::CheckForKeyUp

1999-07-29 23:38 VZ, revision 3204

#warning is a compilation error, not warning

1999-07-29 22:18 RR, revision 3203

Testing vaious makefile/configure schemes.

1999-07-29 19:52 RR, revision 3202

Now its possible to run wxHTML without wxSockets if wxUSE_FS_ZIP = 1, wxUSE_HTML = 1 Fixed typo in filelist Compile fix for spinbutton,

1999-07-29 17:23 GL, revision 3201

Typos. Changed the timeout of wxSocketBase from 3600s to 600s Added #include <stdio.h> in htmltag.cpp

1999-07-29 17:15 GL, revision 3200

Added #include <stddef.h> as it is needed by ANSI.

1999-07-29 16:12 KB, revision 3199

fix for HP-UX

1999-07-29 13:47 KB, revision 3198

fixed busy cursor

1999-07-29 13:43 RR, revision 3197

Compile fixes and typos corrected.

1999-07-29 12:51 RR, revision 3196

Makefile changes

1999-07-29 12:51 KB, revision 3195

ProgressDialog was *comletely* broken!

1999-07-29 12:21 karsten, revision 3194

Fixed missing header.

1999-07-29 10:16 OK, revision 3193

By assigning wxEmptyString instead of NULL to m_commandString, I hope to reduce the number of crash-on-startup events

1999-07-29 06:41 RD, revision 3192

Put strmbfrd.tex back into classes.tex since it was finally checked in.

1999-07-29 05:27 DW, revision 3191

*** empty log message ***

1999-07-29 05:11 DW, revision 3190

*** empty log message ***

1999-07-29 04:56 DW, revision 3189

*** empty log message ***

1999-07-29 01:21 RR, revision 3188

I had to remove (Robin's) makefile creation clause from the makefiles, because these deleted my makefiles Small fixes for templates