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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

1998-12-15 22:59 VZ, revision 1206

1. is there any reason to comment out SetColor() in controls? I restored it... 2. Removed unused files from checklst sample

1998-12-15 20:44 RD, revision 1205

Changed the import semantics from "from wxPython import *" to "from wxPython.wx import *" This is for people who are worried about namespace pollution, they can use "from wxPython import wx" and then prefix all the wxPython identifiers with "wx." Added wxTaskbarIcon for wxMSW. Made the events work for wxGrid. Added wxConfig. Added wxMiniFrame for wxGTK, (untested.) Changed many of the args and return values that were pointers to gdi objects to references to reflect changes in the wxWindows API. Other assorted fixes and additions.

1998-12-15 18:59 VZ, revision 1204

1. log::save works with wxGTK 2. wxFile::Create() doesn't create files open for reading any more...

1998-12-15 18:01 JS, revision 1203

Updated frame style

1998-12-15 17:58 JS, revision 1202

Trying to add binary wxwin.bmp

1998-12-15 17:47 JS, revision 1201

Cured radiobutton non-setting by using BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON; cured gridg.cpp compilation error; add wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW style

1998-12-15 14:14 RR, revision 1200

Added wxCheckLitBox (oh well) Minor optical fixes to gridg

1998-12-15 13:19 VZ, revision 1199

somehow this file contained several NUL characters - removed

1998-12-15 09:19 MR, revision 1198

wxIsNumeric for values < 0

1998-12-15 08:03 RR, revision 1197

A bit more DnD and clipbrd updates wxTextCtrl now hides the vertical until required

1998-12-14 20:03 RR, revision 1196

Now even wxRadioButton works

1998-12-14 18:50 JS, revision 1195

Various; wxRadioButton::GetValue corrected

1998-12-14 16:13 RR, revision 1194

New wxDataObject, DnD and Clipboard code A few more minor fixes

1998-12-14 12:26 MR, revision 1193

wxFileSelector set the filterIndex

1998-12-14 12:24 MR, revision 1192

wxFILTER_NUMERIC input vales < 0

1998-12-13 22:01 VZ, revision 1191

only one of SetSize()s, SetClientSize()s, GetPosition()s &c is virtual now

1998-12-13 12:23 VZ, revision 1190

IS_KIND_OF -> wxIS_KIND_OF compilation fix

1998-12-13 11:28 RR, revision 1189

More clean-up

1998-12-13 11:27 RR, revision 1188

Bit of CVS clean-up

1998-12-13 10:57 JS, revision 1187

Changed use_system_defaults to 1.

1998-12-13 10:41 RR, revision 1186

Updated resource sample

1998-12-13 09:14 RR, revision 1185

Added wxList:Nth check again Added checks to wxImageList Made toolbar tips yellow Removed options from wx-config Added bitmaps to DialogEd tree ctrl

1998-12-12 22:05 VZ, revision 1184

corrected (?) wxStringList::Delete()

1998-12-12 22:03 VZ, revision 1183

removed wxDialog::SetSize() which just called wxWindow::SetSize()

1998-12-12 22:02 VZ, revision 1182

removed SetSize() methods which just called wxWindow::SetSize()

1998-12-12 18:50 JS, revision 1181

Added wxPoem sample; fixed some Dialog Editor problems; wxStaticBitmap and wxBitmapButton now recognised by resource.cpp.

1998-12-12 17:27 RR, revision 1180

More colour finetuning Corrected wxCheckBoc and wxRadioButton::SetValue

1998-12-12 16:42 RR, revision 1179

Added scrollbar size to settings Added tetsing for cursor keys to wxTextValidator Correcte misspelled colour in wxColourDialog Made print dialogs look nicer Made wxStatixBox transparent (in the middle) for mouse actions (very useful for DialogEd) Corrected colour setting in DialogEd not to set any colour when using standard colour Corretced unresponding scrollbar in DialogEd

1998-12-12 10:01 JS, revision 1178

Added script to help make wxMotif via configure; nativdlg sample works again; resource sample now works using .rc files for most Windows compilers

1998-12-12 08:44 RR, revision 1177

DialogEd compiles and works more or less wxList::Nth() is allowd to just return NULL for out-of-bounds index

1998-12-12 00:27 VZ, revision 1176

some very minor changes

1998-12-11 19:28 RR, revision 1175

Redid parts of wxScroledWindow Corrected scrollling (speed) in wxListCtrl

1998-12-11 18:19 RD, revision 1174

Changed the "delete win" to the more proper "win->Destroy()" in PopupMenu. The sample still has the Close anomally though...

1998-12-11 16:09 JS, revision 1173

Some stubs includes removed from wxMotif; wxNotebook sample hack to make it display; changes to defs.h and memory.h etc. for Solaris compilation

1998-12-11 15:41 RR, revision 1172

ADDED wxEVT_COMMAND_LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK Corrected inheritence of wxTreeEvent, wxNotebookEvent, wxListEvent on wxMSW and wxGTK Corrected scrolling step etc. in wxListCtrl Built-in correction of out-of-bounds values for position of scrollbar thumb Reverted interpretation of wxVERTICAL for radiobox Applied Phls patch for wxStaticText

1998-12-11 09:59 JS, revision 1171

Corrections to Forty Thieves; wxMemoryDC problem temporarily sorted

1998-12-11 09:48 SC, revision 1170

regrouped the fix by VZ so that __MWERKS__ comes first, since CW also defines _MSC_VER = 9 , the wrong branch was taken

1998-12-11 05:56 RD, revision 1169

Added wxTaskBarIcon::PopupMenu()

1998-12-10 22:55 JS, revision 1168

#ifdefed out Ole... functions for Cygwin.

1998-12-10 22:44 JS, revision 1167

Dialog Editor corrections for latest wxWin changes; removed wxProp files

1998-12-10 22:41 AN, revision 1166

correct a bug in the MSW code using wxMask

1998-12-10 22:30 AN, revision 1165

remove the line for image.h, restore a line commented out by mistake

1998-12-10 21:50 VZ, revision 1164

minValue and maxValue are interpreted correctly in SetRange() (were inversed)

1998-12-10 21:49 VZ, revision 1163

__MWERKS__ check now doesn't give compilation error with VC++

1998-12-10 19:58 RR, revision 1162

Fixed three mouse event bugs Fixed wxSplitterWindow (hope Julian doesn't mind)

1998-12-10 17:23 SC, revision 1161

CodeWarrior Support

1998-12-10 17:16 SC, revision 1160

CodeWarrior Support

1998-12-10 15:42 RR, revision 1159

wx-config knows about compiler options several tree ctrl bugs removed

1998-12-10 14:38 KB, revision 1158

Fixed typo.

1998-12-10 14:37 KB, revision 1157

fixed typo