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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2006-04-01 15:34 VZ, revision 38503

fixed wxMBConv_iconv::GetMBNul()

2006-04-01 14:04 VZ, revision 38502

regenerated to add textfiletest

2006-04-01 13:53 JG, revision 38501

Refactor XP theme aware owner drawn button code so as to not affect any header files.

2006-04-01 13:38 VZ, revision 38500

Unix compilation fixes after last commit

2006-04-01 12:43 VZ, revision 38499

added NUL command

2006-04-01 12:43 VZ, revision 38498

Described in the comments and documented the semantics of the parameters and return values of wxMBConv methods and tried to make them more consistent. The only (intentional) backwards incompatible change is that cMB2WC/cWC2MB now return the length of the converted string in outLen parameter and not length+1 Added wxMBConv::GetMBNul() and use it instead of supposing that all multibyte strings are always terminated with a single NUL which is wrong for UTF-16/32. Using GetMBNul(), completely rewrote cMB2WC/cWC2MB() to accept a string of the specified length, whether it is NUL-terminated or not. This means that they don't overwrite the provided buffer any more and convert the entire string in all cases. Fixed bug in wxMBConvUTF16::WC2MB() which didn't NUL-terminate the string properlyv even if there was enough space.

2006-04-01 03:42 JG, revision 38497

Support for older compilers and wxABI_VERSION with XP themed owner drawn buttons.

2006-04-01 03:24 VZ, revision 38496

made DoTestConversion() work with strings containing NULs

2006-04-01 02:58 VZ, revision 38495

added extend() method which realloc()s the buffer

2006-03-31 23:33 VZ, revision 38494

default ctor should create an empty/uninitialized buffer, not one with a single character string

2006-03-31 23:29 RD, revision 38493

Fixed the equality and inequality operators for some of the basic data types (wx.Point, wx.Size, wx.Colour, etc.) to no longer raise a TypeError if the compared object is not compatible, but to just return a boolean as expected. For example:: wx.Colour(64,0,64) == 123 ==> False

2006-03-31 23:19 RD, revision 38492

Fixed problem in wx.lib.splitter when used on 64-bit platforms. Used the current length of the list for specifying an append instead of sys.maxint.

2006-03-31 23:15 RD, revision 38491

Backport of XRCed fix for Copy/Paste objects with international characters.

2006-03-31 21:14 VZ, revision 38490

added missing licence information

2006-03-31 20:28 VZ, revision 38489

undid last (wrong) change to wxMBConvUTF16swap::MB2WC(); added comment to explain why

2006-03-31 20:25 VZ, revision 38488

added UTF16 test

2006-03-31 20:23 VZ, revision 38487

fixed fatal buffer overwrite in wxMBConvUTF16swap::MB2WC()

2006-03-31 20:04 VZ, revision 38486

detect some invalid UTF7 strings when decoding them in wxMBConvUTF7

2006-03-31 19:30 VZ, revision 38485

test predefined wxConvUTF[78] too

2006-03-31 19:24 JG, revision 38484

Don't use XP themes if wxBU_AUTODRAW isn't set.

2006-03-31 19:24 VZ, revision 38483

the expected test result was wrong, corrected; also define a manifest constant only once instead of using its value everywhere

2006-03-31 19:15 VZ, revision 38482

fixed if/idef wxHAVE_U_ESCAPE mixup

2006-03-31 19:04 vell, revision 38481

simplify KeywordSearch; cleanup and reformat

2006-03-31 18:29 JG, revision 38480

Return type is void, not bool in last commit.

2006-03-31 18:26 ABX, revision 38479

Build fix for 2.6 compatibility off.