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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2000-11-24 17:19 vaclavslavik, revision 8807

wxrcedit bugfixes

2000-11-24 17:19 vaclavslavik, revision 8806

fixed bug in wxFileDialog: it tested wxCHANGE_DIR against GetWindowStyle() instead of m_dialogStyle

2000-11-24 17:07 vadz, revision 8805

1. added wxGTK::wxToolBar::SetToolShortHelp() and test for it in sample 2. fix a crash if SetSelection is called too early in wxTextCtrl 3. patch for mouse position in wxTreeCtrl events

2000-11-24 16:47 georgetasker, revision 8804

Added wxDbTable::SetOrderByColNums() function

2000-11-24 16:46 georgetasker, revision 8803

Increased the max length of allowed WHERE clauses and full statements (eventually needs to be changed over to use wxString). Fixed the order of params in TablePrivileges() Changed 0s to NULLs in params

2000-11-24 16:43 georgetasker, revision 8802

Added SetOrderByColNums() function Changed 0s to NULLs for const char * params

2000-11-24 16:40 georgetasker, revision 8801

More corrections and additions

2000-11-24 15:15 vadz, revision 8800

tree item right click event carries correct position

2000-11-24 14:27 vadz, revision 8799

small typo fixed

2000-11-24 13:34 roebling, revision 8798

matrix compile fix make listctrl scroll one line in report more, not some arbitrary 15 pixels

2000-11-24 12:42 roebling, revision 8797

Added matrix.cpp to compilables

2000-11-24 12:41 roebling, revision 8796

Made dnd reentrent safe as per stable tree. Dropped in new wxMatrix. Compile wxMatrix.

2000-11-24 12:40 roebling, revision 8795

dropped in new wxMatrix (from wxCanvas) use wxUSE_GEOMETRY

2000-11-24 12:39 roebling, revision 8794

RPM version 2.3.0

2000-11-24 12:38 roebling, revision 8793

Bump up version to 2.3.0, Add wxUSE_GEOMETRY

2000-11-24 12:36 roebling, revision 8792

Adding wxUSE_GEOMETRY to

2000-11-24 12:35 roebling, revision 8791

Adding new wxCanvas

2000-11-24 12:34 roebling, revision 8790

Adding new wxCanvas

2000-11-24 09:50 joukj, revision 8789

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/src/gtk/listbox.cpp corrections for VMS since someone updated this one using an old version. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2000-11-24 08:27 joukj, revision 8788

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/src/gtk/app.cpp Someone included VMS-stuff that I removed several month ago because it was not working. Now it not even compiled!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2000-11-24 04:22 vadz, revision 8787

linking fix

2000-11-23 21:46 roebling, revision 8786

Updated afm files as per stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:44 roebling, revision 8785

Don't call busy cursor when creating a message dialog - it takes longer to set the cursor than to create the dialog under GTK.

2000-11-23 21:42 roebling, revision 8784

Ported DrawPolygone fix and new PS font name matching from stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:41 roebling, revision 8783

Ported new double idle handlers for pending events processing from stable branch.

2000-11-23 21:40 roebling, revision 8782

Upported wxListBox key handling and SetFirstItem() from stable branch. Removed Vadim's code since I think mine handles all cases correctly.

2000-11-23 21:38 roebling, revision 8781

Busy cursor don't need wxYield(), SendIdleEvents() is enough and safe.

2000-11-23 21:37 roebling, revision 8780

No longer show "hidden" dir in dir dlg.

2000-11-23 21:36 roebling, revision 8779

Removed busy cursor from message box.

2000-11-23 20:33 juliansmart, revision 8778

Some mods

2000-11-23 19:45 vadz, revision 8777

more fixes to stream code: allow deriving from wxStreamBuffer and using custom buffers with wxBufferedInput/OutputStream

2000-11-23 19:07 juliansmart, revision 8776

Clarified some things for Mingw32 compilation.

2000-11-23 16:26 vadz, revision 8775

compilation fixes for wxMemoryStreams

2000-11-23 14:39 georgetasker, revision 8774

Corrections and additions to the wxODBC docs

2000-11-23 13:27 georgetasker, revision 8773

Lots more memory/resource leak fixes. There are still more, but this solves about 75% of them. These fixes also speed up tex2rtf greatly. I can now build all the RTF version of the wxWindows manual in under 30 seconds, when before it took around 90 seconds. Curley Brace matching is turned back on again. I cannot find any places where it does not work. If you find one, let me know

2000-11-23 04:34 vadz, revision 8772

fixed memory allocation code of wxStreamBuffer to not realloc() new[]ed memory any more

2000-11-22 11:45 georgetasker, revision 8771

Fixed missing Curley Brace

2000-11-22 06:07 dwebster, revision 8770

Update OS/2 Frame WM_PAINT processing

2000-11-22 00:28 georgetasker, revision 8769

Fixed double deletion of a dialog in the effect of a failed connection to the datasource Fixed call to TablePrivileges() in a commented out piece of code to use the correct parameters, in case someone uses it for an example

2000-11-22 00:19 georgetasker, revision 8768

Fixed problems with the wxDb::Open(wxDb *copyDb) not copying in all the different data types required values Added Interbase database support based on contributions from Roger Gammans Enabled the wxDb::TablePrivileges() function for v2.3/2.4 Fixed a bunch of problems with wxDb::TablePrivileges() not working correctly with all databases. Added the ability to pass in a SCHEMA to wxDbTablePrivileges() that greatly improves the speed of the privileges lookup.

2000-11-22 00:18 georgetasker, revision 8767

Added what I think is full support for Null column values in the tables, partially based on submissions by Roger Gammans Added a parameters to wxDbTable::Open() to indicate whether Open() should check for table privileges or not. wxDbTable::ClearMemberVar() added to set a single column to an initialized value ::ClearMemberVar() and ::ClearMemberVars() can now optionally set a column to be NULL via ::SetColNull() ::SetColNull() added as the primary function name for setting a column to be a NULL value, and ::SetNull() is deprecated ::SetColNull() now has a param to select whether a columns value is NULL or not. ::SetColNull() will now clear the column value in memory when setting the column to be NULL.

2000-11-21 18:01 vadz, revision 8766

fixed wxTextCtrl::GetValue() bug for empty richedit ctrls (Marvin Aviles)

2000-11-21 17:22 vadz, revision 8765

fixed bug with Broadcast() not waking up all threads (Pieter van der Meulen)

2000-11-21 03:44 robind, revision 8764

New typemaps for wxString when compiling for Python 2.0 and beyond that allow Unicode objects to be passed as well as String objects. If a Unicode object is passed PyString_AsStringAndSize is used to convert it to a wxString using the default encoding. Fixed the generic buttons so tool tips work for them. Fixed a bug in the demo's tree control. Added a listbox to the listbox demo that shows how to find items with a patching prefix as keys are typed. Added code to the wxListCtrl demo to show how to get text from a column in report mode. Added code to the toolbar demo to clear the long help from the status bar after 2 seconds. Added wxJoystick. Fixed wxTimer so it can be used as described in the docs, either with a Notify method in a subclass, or sending an event to a wxEvtHandler object, (usually a window.) Added wxNotifyEvent.Allow()

2000-11-20 17:31 georgetasker, revision 8763

Added From(), OrderBy() and Where() functions that correspons to the Set/GetWhereClause(), Set/GetOrderByClause() and Set/GetFromClause() functions. Changed signature of wxDbTable constructor to have the default value of tblPath be "" instead of NULL which prevents crashes in the logging code if the constructor initialization fails for some reason.

2000-11-20 17:25 georgetasker, revision 8762

SQL Server and (preliminary) DB2 support added Fixed some potentially uninitialized variables

2000-11-20 17:23 georgetasker, revision 8761

Added preliminary DB2 support. Removed the #if EXPERIMENTAL_WXDB_FUNCTIONS blocks from around functions that will now be available in 2.4 Changed functions to return const char * rather than char * on certain functions Added the wxDb::TablePrivileges() function Added wxDb copy constructors and wxDbGetConnection() copy constructors which are able to copy the typing definitions of data types retrieved from the source wxDb instance to the new data connection instance to avoid the network/database overhead of querying the datasource for its data types once they are already known once. SQL Server and (preliminary) DB2 support added If compiling with Visual C++, the wxDbCreateDataSource() can now be enabled

2000-11-20 17:17 georgetasker, revision 8760

Added preliminary DB2 support. Removed the #if EXPERIMENTAL_WXDB_FUNCTIONS blocks from around functions that will now be available in 2.4 Changed functions to return const char * rather than char * on certain functions Added the wxDb::TablePrivileges() function

2000-11-20 15:14 georgetasker, revision 8759

Fixed the wxDirExists() function so that if asked about the root directory of a drive (i.e. "d:\") or a UNC directory, WIN32 apps will correctly report whether the dir exists

2000-11-20 15:13 dwebster, revision 8758

Another DC fix.