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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2001-03-29 14:06 OK, revision 9608

Some Unicode compilation fixes. This Unicode stuff in file functions is always so hard to get right, it seems... I don't like that wxStat isn't a Unicode wrapper for the real Linux libc stat(), so the caller needs to convert it for wxStat, but not for e.g. wxRename... this is inconsistent, so it's not surprising people don't get it right, I guess.

2001-03-29 13:19 OK, revision 9607

wchar_t byte-swapping is not necessary if __STDC_ISO_10646__ is defined.

2001-03-29 13:08 OK, revision 9606

Unicode compilation fix.

2001-03-29 11:58 JS, revision 9605

Added Inno Setup distrib files

2001-03-28 22:08 VS, revision 9604

backported ScintillaWX::FullPaint speedup fix from main branch

2001-03-28 20:37 GD, revision 9603

added __POWERPC__ define to compilation flags for Mac OS X do not add _REENTRANT define to compilation flags for Mac OS X disable drag and drop for Mac OS X (not yet supported)

2001-03-28 20:31 DW, revision 9602

Some new interfaces in common code requires an updated module definition file.

2001-03-28 18:16 RD, revision 9601

Finished the changes necessary to use the new event system.

2001-03-28 18:13 RD, revision 9600

Added DECLARE_LOCAL_EVENT_TYPE which doesn't use WXDLLEXPORT. This is to prevent inconsistent linkage warnings for event types that are not in the wx DLL, but when you are using the wx DLL.

2001-03-28 17:03 RD, revision 9599

fixed typo in a couple method names for wxPython, also some changes in the wxPython chapter that have been sitting on my disk for some time...

2001-03-27 23:51 VZ, revision 9598

added widgets sample files

2001-03-27 23:25 VS, revision 9597

compilation fix

2001-03-27 18:56 RD, revision 9596

Added code to optionally put the wxSTC on a panel instead of directly in the notebook. This eliminates most (all?) of the flicker and slowdown for wxSTC when in notebooks on wxGTK. My guess is that wxNotebook is broken, but this is an acceptable workaround.

2001-03-27 17:29 RD, revision 9595

Remapped zoom/unzoom to Ctrl keys

2001-03-27 17:29 RD, revision 9594

Put back some code that was commented out for testing

2001-03-27 17:10 VZ, revision 9593

fixed an assert provoking bug in sample

2001-03-26 22:38 RD, revision 9592

fixed bug in IMP_PYCALLBACK__BOOL2DBL2INT, for #223404 in the tracker

2001-03-26 22:18 RD, revision 9591

fixed compile warning

2001-03-26 22:17 RD, revision 9590

Added wxWakeUpMainThread, wxMutexGuiEnter, wxMutexGuiLeave, wxMutexGuiLocker and wxThread_IsMain to assist with dealing with GUI access from non-GUI threads. wxPyOnDemandOutputWindow is now thread safe if non-GUI threads use print, sys.stdout.write, etc.

2001-03-26 22:15 RD, revision 9589

a fix for the last fix

2001-03-26 21:31 RD, revision 9588

Removed initial startup dependency on the OpenGL DLLs so only the glcanvasc.pyd depends on them, not wxNN_N.dll

2001-03-26 21:19 RD, revision 9587

some little doc tweaks

2001-03-26 21:04 RD, revision 9586

Fix for Bug #229543

2001-03-26 15:51 JS, revision 9585

Bug fix to Mkdirs and GetLongPath

2001-03-26 14:49 JS, revision 9584

Added focus in/out handlers for wxTextCtrl

2001-03-26 13:31 JS, revision 9583

Added 'full' param to wxFileName::Mkdir to make all directories in a path, not just the last one

2001-03-26 12:55 JS, revision 9582

Corrections to the GetLongPath code

2001-03-26 12:16 JS, revision 9581

Attempt at improving GetLongPath

2001-03-25 22:20 VS, revision 9580

wxZipFSHandler does not report non-local zip archives as openable anymore

2001-03-25 22:20 VS, revision 9579

implemented dummy wxPalette for wxGTK, so that it no longer pops up assertion failures and wxImage and image handlers work correctly now.

2001-03-25 22:19 VS, revision 9578

made wxLocale::GetSystemLanguage and wxLocale::AddLanguage static; wxLocale now converts strings according to LC_CTYPE if it contains charset information (and uses old code otherwise)

2001-03-25 22:19 VS, revision 9577

modified wxLANGUAGE generating script to visibly mark automatically generated code

2001-03-24 20:53 VS, revision 9576

removed error loging in wxZipFSHandler::OpenFile

2001-03-23 23:30 DW, revision 9575

Ownerdrawn updates

2001-03-23 17:51 VZ, revision 9574

fixed memory leak in wxZlibInputStream

2001-03-23 02:43 VZ, revision 9573

enabled enter processing in the combobox

2001-03-22 23:23 DW, revision 9572

Ownerdrawn stuff. Text display done, image display next.

2001-03-22 11:17 JS, revision 9571

Fix for tip disappearing immediately under MSW

2001-03-22 04:41 DW, revision 9570

More ownerdrawn stuff

2001-03-21 23:55 VZ, revision 9569

merged Ctrl-Space fix from 2.2 branch

2001-03-21 23:51 VZ, revision 9568

don't generate ACTIVATE events for Ctrl-Space and Shift-Space

2001-03-21 22:30 DW, revision 9567

OwnerDrawn updates

2001-03-21 22:25 JS, revision 9566

Changed GetLong/ShortPath to allocate memory dynamically

2001-03-21 19:55 VZ, revision 9565

changed the version to 2.2.7

2001-03-21 19:13 VZ, revision 9564

patch for cleanall target in mingw makefiles (which I forgot to commit before)

2001-03-21 19:11 VZ, revision 9563

forgot to commit

2001-03-21 19:07 VZ, revision 9562

minor fixes to wxLocale::GetSystemLanguage(), test code for it added to the console sample

2001-03-21 18:32 GT, revision 9561

Checked back in the change from rev 1.57 that allows UNC dirs and root dirs to be properly evaluated as to their existence under __WIN32__

2001-03-21 14:22 VZ, revision 9560

merged __sgi compilation fix

2001-03-21 14:04 VZ, revision 9559

fixed (?) problems with assignment operator in wxTreeItemId