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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2001-04-21 15:48 GT, revision 9825

Spelling typo fixed in a comment

2001-04-21 15:48 GT, revision 9824

Minor code tweeks to stop BCC compiler warnings

2001-04-21 15:43 GT, revision 9823

Moved the declaration of wxEVT_NULL to event.cpp and made it extern in the header to solve BCC compilation issues

2001-04-21 14:53 VS, revision 9822

applied BCC fixes for wxXML

2001-04-21 01:49 VZ, revision 9821

oops... conflict removed

2001-04-21 01:46 VZ, revision 9820

merged optimizations from 2.2

2001-04-21 01:34 VZ, revision 9819

optimizations: 1. wxLogXXX functions don't do anything if logging is suspended anyhow 2. wxColourDisplay() caches its result 3. wxRegConf is much, much more efficient 4. wxTextFile::Read() preallocs some memory 5. cache wxSystemSettings::GetSystemFont(wxSYS_DEFAULT_GUI_FONT); Bug fix: wxFont::GetTextExtent() wasn't using the given font

2001-04-20 21:18 SN, revision 9818

Commited updated list of files to compile.

2001-04-20 21:17 SN, revision 9817

Added wxGetEnv and wxPutEnv.

2001-04-20 20:48 SN, revision 9816

Hopefully fixed bug #233492 (SelectAll crashed on empty grids).

2001-04-20 16:10 DW, revision 9815

new Def file supporting const changes in wxObject. Bug fixes in STATTEXT and WINDOW

2001-04-20 15:15 DW, revision 9814

Fixed the deleteion of VisualAge stuff

2001-04-20 13:26 DW, revision 9813

Got rid of some wierd VisualAge debug nonsense that had appeared in this after the last update????

2001-04-20 13:00 DW, revision 9812

Const casting fix for Vis C.

2001-04-20 11:21 GT, revision 9811

Changed code to get rid of a compiler warning about statement always being FALSE

2001-04-20 11:18 GT, revision 9810

Minor grammatical/formatting changes

2001-04-20 04:30 RD, revision 9809

Fixed the order of parameters to actually match the code.

2001-04-20 00:39 RD, revision 9808

Commented out hack for VC++ 5.0

2001-04-20 00:39 RD, revision 9807

Changes for building with Python 2.1

2001-04-20 00:38 RD, revision 9806

Tests to show problem with wxExecute when using redirection on a GUI app.

2001-04-20 00:37 RD, revision 9805


2001-04-20 00:36 RD, revision 9804


2001-04-20 00:36 RD, revision 9803

A few changes to match header changes and let wxPython compile again

2001-04-20 00:25 RD, revision 9802

Added a demo to show off all the colours that can be added to wxTheColourDatabase by the wxPython.lib.colourdb module.

2001-04-19 23:32 RD, revision 9801

Added a demo to show off all the colours that can be added to wxTheColourDatabase by the wxPython.lib.colourdb module.

2001-04-19 23:13 VZ, revision 9800

some const correctness for wxClassInfo

2001-04-19 23:00 VZ, revision 9799

some const correctness for wxClassInfo

2001-04-19 22:30 DW, revision 9798

Positioning fixes to compsate for wxWindow's use of the MS backwards standard.

2001-04-19 20:29 GD, revision 9797

added comment to explain __WXMAC_X__ define

2001-04-19 19:16 GD, revision 9796

Corrections for Mac OS X

2001-04-19 19:11 GD, revision 9795

correction for Mac OS X

2001-04-19 19:08 RD, revision 9794

Added wxCURSOR_ARROWWAIT which is the default arrow+hourglass cursor on MSW, or the same as wxCURSOR_WAIT on wxGTK.

2001-04-19 19:06 GD, revision 9793

corrections for Mac OS X

2001-04-19 16:17 JS, revision 9792

Fix/hack 1. ======== At present, if you wish to load a .hhc file instead of add books manually, you can only have one book - UNLESS you omit the outer <ul> </ul>. Then the contents will appear to have more than book, although in fact it's just one book that's displayed on level zero and therefore get the Book icons. However, you'll also get a dummy 'book' with the name of the project but no children. So my hack detects whether the .hhc file is trying to add books at level zero, and if so, throws away the first 'book', so that only the hhc-specified books get shown. So the end result is that our hhc file can specify multiple sections that don't all hang off one dummy book node which itself hangs off the root node -- which is a UI pain! Fix 2. ==== I changed the test if (!m_Page.IsEmpty()) to if (tag.GetParam("TYPE") == "text/sitemap") at around L.120 of helpdata.cpp as suggested in the comment, so we don't have to specify a URL for the node to be valid. Sometimes you don't want a URL in a contents item. I've added some tests to stop it complaining if you click on a URL-less item. Feature enhancement/Hack 3. ====================== I've added wxHtmlHelpController::SetBookBasePath so that the .hhp/.hhc files don't have to be in the same hierarchy as the HTML files.

2001-04-19 12:18 VZ, revision 9791

corrected the URL

2001-04-19 11:14 VZ, revision 9790

fix to allow negative coords for wxFrame creation

2001-04-19 11:13 VZ, revision 9789

fix for scrollbar rounding errors

2001-04-18 20:47 DW, revision 9788

wxControl and wxDialog coded and supporting module def file.

2001-04-18 20:46 DW, revision 9787

Fix to excule OnPaint from WXPM

2001-04-18 20:46 DW, revision 9786

wxControl and wxDialog coded.

2001-04-18 19:23 GD, revision 9785
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/carbon/imaglist.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/carbon/listctrl.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/carbon/statusbr.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/imaglist.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/listctrl.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/mac/statusbr.cpp

removed unused files so that makefile VPATH works under Mac OS X

2001-04-18 17:13 JS, revision 9784

No longer paint the selection background under the image

2001-04-17 23:25 VS, revision 9783

initial wxMGL commit

2001-04-17 23:12 VS, revision 9782

initial wxMGL commit

2001-04-17 23:06 VZ, revision 9781

warning fix

2001-04-17 22:34 VZ, revision 9780

wxString::FormatV() fix (bug 416853)

2001-04-17 14:39 SN, revision 9779

Hopefully fixed bug #233492 (SelectAll crashed on empty grids).

2001-04-17 11:05 GT, revision 9778

Fixed a compiler performance warning

2001-04-17 09:47 VZ, revision 9777

another attempt to fix wxMotif build

2001-04-17 01:34 VZ, revision 9776

fix for wxNotebookSizer calculations - better but still not perfect