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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2006-11-18 00:08 RR, revision 43481

Hopefully fixed misplaced printout in libgnomeprint.

2006-11-18 00:08 VZ, revision 43480

include correct XPMs (Unix compilation fix after last commit)

2006-11-17 21:49 BIW, revision 43479

tab drawing fix for vista

2006-11-17 21:47 BIW, revision 43478

manager should always be set in pane events

2006-11-17 18:25 VZ, revision 43477

free old resources in DoLoad(), apparently fixes memory leaks with gstreamer 0.10 (patch 1598317)

2006-11-17 18:15 VZ, revision 43476

added tests for background colour, static bitmap &c (part of patch 1598005)

2006-11-17 18:14 VZ, revision 43475

- fix wxAnimationCtrl::SetBackgroundColour both for generic and native GTK version - fix wxAnimationCtrl::GetAnimation for GTK version (modifying correctly the constructor which takes a GdkPixbufAnimation) - fix the generic wxAnimationCtrl::SetAnimation() when it's used with a wxNullAnimation. - moves the frame counter reset in Stop() as it's more sensed to always have m_currentFrame cleared immediately when the animation has been stopped - fix a problem with transparent bitmaps drawing in wxAnimationCtrl::OnPaint (part of patch 1598005)

2006-11-17 18:12 VZ, revision 43474

minor typo fixes (part of patch 1598005)

2006-11-17 16:45 VZ, revision 43473

use correct bitmap dimension in DetermineIndent()

2006-11-17 16:12 KO, revision 43472

Adding a copy of to the wxPython distro so I can use it for developing GUIs. :-)

2006-11-17 15:05 VZ, revision 43471

added chart icon for non-MSW ports too

2006-11-17 15:04 VZ, revision 43470

Some sample cleanup: 1. Use standard sample icon, avoid badly looking #ifdef __WXMSW__s 2. Use "modern" (i.e. this century) wxToolBar API, simplify code by not allocating the bitmaps on the heap and deleting them any more

2006-11-17 14:28 JS, revision 43469

Removed obsolete code Added some more event types Added back GetStyleForRange

2006-11-17 13:22 BIW, revision 43468

aui documentation updates

2006-11-17 13:07 BIW, revision 43467

added wxAuiManager::GetManager() call

2006-11-17 12:29 VZ, revision 43466

fixed warning about junk after #endif

2006-11-17 11:28 BIW, revision 43465

renamed wxAUI_ART to wxAUI_DOCKART

2006-11-17 09:47 RR, revision 43464

Commit fix to remove warnings when drawing text to a mono-bitmap.

2006-11-17 09:39 RR, revision 43463

Implemented forceTrueColour in SetBestVisual.

2006-11-17 09:29 RR, revision 43462

Add forceTrueColour option to SetBestVisual(). Currently API only, implement later.

2006-11-17 08:42 JS, revision 43461


2006-11-17 08:40 JS, revision 43460

Added wxRICHTEXT_HANDLER_NO_HEADER_FOOTER to allow saving HTML fragments

2006-11-17 08:33 JS, revision 43459

Added wxRICHTEXT_SETSTYLE_RESET SetStyleEx() flag to allow for clearing attributes before setting new ones SetStyle() now looks up and applies named paragraph or character style Fixed a bug in text entry (taking previous paragraph's style)

2006-11-17 08:21 JS, revision 43458

Limit indentation in style listbox, and also show centring

2006-11-17 05:17 KO, revision 43457

Add a feature to prompt to install wxaddon modules that are not yet on the user's system. Developers can also require a certain version (or minimal version) of a module so that users get prompted to upgrade old modules.