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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-12-10 22:37 RD, revision 18190

Added a version save isinsnace function Added wxPoint2DDouble

2002-12-10 22:08 RD, revision 18189

Changed version number, added some experimental stuff (which isn't currently active) for canvas, wxArt2D, etc.

2002-12-10 22:06 RD, revision 18188


2002-12-10 22:06 RD, revision 18187

img2py can now output a "catalog" of the images in the .py file, also added header comments to the files.

2002-12-10 22:04 RD, revision 18186

Demo enhancement from Will Sadkin

2002-12-10 22:03 RD, revision 18185

Added Throbber class from Cliff Wells

2002-12-10 22:01 RD, revision 18184

Make the RPM builder and .spec a little simpler

2002-12-10 21:50 JS, revision 18183

Applied patch [ 651649 ] Scrollbar not updated without resizing I always wondered why the scrollbar of the listbox or the log window (textctrl) never showed a thumb in the control sample while the combobox does. The AdjustScrollbars gets called through a size event and this happens before the listbox (textctrl) can set the values for the scrollbar. So always an empty scrollbar is shown. This patch calls AdjustScrollbars at the end of SetScrollbars in scrlwing.cpp. I'm not sure if this is the best fix but it works nicely. I've only tested it with wxUniv but it should be okay in any generic case. (applied for __WXUNIVERSAL__ only for now -- JACS)

2002-12-10 21:44 JS, revision 18182

Applied patch [ 651383 ] Removes 3 warnings when building w/ CW6 Dimitri Schoolwerth

2002-12-10 21:41 JS, revision 18181

Applied patch [ 651640 ] Toolbar sizing fix This patch fixes the problem discussed on wx-dev mailing list. (Message title "wxUniversal: How is the parent notified when a child changes its size") In short: - This patch makes sure the toolbar notifies the parent of any size change, this will give the parent the opportunity to resize the frame client size and to make sure the toolbar is in the right place. Hans Van Leemputten

2002-12-10 21:30 MBN, revision 18180

"cd utils; make" should not try to compile dialoged unless wxUSE_RESOURCES=yes.

2002-12-10 21:25 MBN, revision 18179
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/distrib/msw/tmake/g295.t

Remove unused g295.t; g95.t works with any GCC from 2.95.2 to 3.2.

2002-12-10 17:02 JS, revision 18178

Applied another Marco patch (5)

2002-12-10 16:10 JS, revision 18177

FromString should not fail on wxMac if facename empty.

2002-12-10 14:09 VZ, revision 18176

corrected wxCommandProcessor ctor docs

2002-12-10 12:13 JS, revision 18175

Applied some of patch [ 650957 ] wxWinCE diff-0.0.4

2002-12-10 09:48 JS, revision 18174

Ignore DOS drive spec in GetRightLocation

2002-12-10 09:35 CE, revision 18173

fix bug with WXDLLEXPORT

2002-12-10 00:43 VZ, revision 18172

tried to clean strdup() mess: we now have wxStrdup[AW] which should be always available

2002-12-09 21:45 JS, revision 18171

Fixed the beggar good and proper

2002-12-09 21:05 VS, revision 18170

forgot to add wxHtmlHelpController::AddBook(wxFileName) to the headers

2002-12-09 21:03 VS, revision 18169

removed XPM handler from wxImage's standard handlers, let's see if it does any harm

2002-12-09 18:37 JS, revision 18168

Backported some helpview fixes

2002-12-09 18:27 JS, revision 18167

Removed duplicate art handler

2002-12-09 18:08 MBN, revision 18166

The size_type typedef must be public.

2002-12-09 18:06 MBN, revision 18165

Only build HelpGen in wxBase, since it will #error (this will maybe fix some tinderboxes...).

2002-12-09 16:45 VZ, revision 18164

backported nicer icon (without extra pixels which become garbage when scaled down to 16*16) from the trunk

2002-12-09 16:43 VZ, revision 18163

removed garbage pixels from the icon

2002-12-09 16:42 VZ, revision 18162

fixed warning about unused var

2002-12-09 16:41 VZ, revision 18161

fixed annoying beep when pressing space/return in the tree

2002-12-09 15:52 JS, revision 18160

Convert filename to URL

2002-12-09 15:42 JS, revision 18159

Should only add // under MSW -- not on Unix, not on Mac.

2002-12-09 15:26 CE, revision 18158

fix bug with treectrl sample

2002-12-09 15:13 CE, revision 18157

fix bug with treectrl sample

2002-12-09 15:10 JS, revision 18156

Added horse3.ani

2002-12-09 14:45 JS, revision 18155

Removed redundant m_server init

2002-12-09 14:44 JS, revision 18154

Ifdefed m_server

2002-12-09 14:35 JS, revision 18153

Reverted the _n__ fix for now.

2002-12-09 14:20 JS, revision 18152

The wxMAKE_UNIQUE_ASSERT_NAME fix for VC++ does not work for MetroWerks CW.

2002-12-09 11:27 ROL, revision 18151
  • D /wxWidgets/branches/WX_2_4_BRANCH/wxPython/wxPython/tools/XRCed/

source moved to

2002-12-09 11:22 JS, revision 18150

Applied patch [ 632115 ] Fixed internationalization on tooltips wxMac's wxTooltip assumed that text was always PC encoded, and always converted the string using wxMacMakeMacStringFromPC(). This worked fine for English characters, but multi-byte encoded languages such as Japanese (SJIS) because garbled. I've added a check for "wxApp::s_macDefaultEncodingIsPC" before performing the conversion similar to other controls. Nilesh Agarwalla

2002-12-09 11:20 ROL, revision 18149

*** empty log message ***

2002-12-09 11:14 JS, revision 18148

Applied patches by Scott Pleiter: [ 643866 ] small wxGrid API changes adds GetValue to the gridcelleditors to facilitate querying values from the editors, also changes several methods to virtuals to simplify inheritance. [ 643867 ] wxGrid cell LNF & behaviour patch Enables the grid to render its cells grey when the grid control is disabled. Also fixes several problems when making the gridcelleditors visible. Improves the layout of multi-line row/column labels. Changes the CellEditor show from a MOUSE_DOWN to a MOUSE_UP, this stops the editor starting when creating a selection beginging in the currently selected cell. [ 643868 ] wxGrid rendering tweaks, improves look. Draw the row/column using system colours. Change the default wxGrid settings to have a more neutral starting point - grey lines, non-bold label font, black/white selection etc.

2002-12-09 11:01 JS, revision 18147

Small WinCE mods from Marco

2002-12-09 10:57 JS, revision 18146

Added script to convert project files to DOS format.

2002-12-09 10:50 JS, revision 18145

Applied patch [ 649284 ] Fix wxODBC to work with MySQL 2.x The current sample/db fails to build indexes with MyODBC v2.50.39 This is due to two problems: (1) wxDb::ModifyColumn() created a SQL statement that was not correctly formed for MySQL. This problem caused wxDbTable::CreateIndex() to fail to set the columns that are going to indexes to be NOT NULL. I fixed this by added a special case for MySQL. (2) When creating an Index on a VARCHAR column, MySQL requires a key length to be specified. wxDbTable::CreateIndex() current does not do this. I fixed this problem by adding code to do this. The attached patch file patches dbtable.cpp and db.cpp on the 2.5 branch. gor Mikolic-Torreira

2002-12-09 10:44 JS, revision 18144

Applied patch [ 649590 ] fixes bug 611264: wxFileDialog entry In bug 611264 I reported that typing a filename into a multiple selection file dialog failed. The file returned was "..". I discovered that this was because the previous directory folder came up automatically selected when the dialog was created. Then, I discovered a related bug. If any file or folder was selected, then that was the file which was returned regardless of what was typed in. To fix the problem I added an EVT_TEXT handler which deselects everything that is selected when the user types. The handler does not deselect anything unless the user actually types something. This patch implements the fix. John Skiff

2002-12-09 10:31 JS, revision 18143

Applied patch [ 642174 ] Stop TOOL_WINDOWS stealing focus When frames with the wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW style ( i.e. a floating toolbar frame) is shown it is activated, taking focus from the main application window. This patch stops frames with the wxFRAME_TOOL_WINDOW from being activated when shown. Scott Pleiter

2002-12-09 10:26 JS, revision 18142

Applied patch [ 650078 ] Add better checking to wxComboBox This patch adds extra checks, checks to see and report if the provided item index is valid. An other thing: - IMHO wxComboBox::GetSelection() was wrong, I corrected this (now it behaves the same as wxMSW, don't know about wxGTK and others...). Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl)

2002-12-09 10:20 JS, revision 18141

Applied patch [ 648042 ] Erase background error When erasing the background with a transparent background the logical origin of the provided DC is (re) set, but not restored to the old value. Restoring the old value is needed because the DC is/can be shared with the real draw code... This patch solves problems like mentioned in bug report #635217 and problems like controls (like radio controls etc) that disappear when moving the mouse over them or clicking on them... Hans Van Leemputten