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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2002-08-12 05:28 SC, revision 16460

updated project files

2002-08-11 23:47 DW, revision 16459

Font fixes for the font dialog

2002-08-11 20:11 JS, revision 16458

Corrected typos for typedef void (wxEvtHandler::*wxIconizeEventFunction)(wxIconizeEvent&); typedef void (wxEvtHandler::*wxMaximizeEventFunction)(wxMaximizeEvent&);

2002-08-11 19:39 RR, revision 16457

Same typo.

2002-08-11 19:39 RR, revision 16456


2002-08-11 16:32 RR, revision 16455

Killing more wxConvLibc calls...

2002-08-11 16:17 RR, revision 16454

Corrected dangerous cast.

2002-08-11 13:09 RR, revision 16453

Added wxString::FromAscii() wxString::ToAscii(). Removed wxConvFile, made it a define wxConvLocal. Exchanged some wxConvLibc to wxConvLocal calls.

2002-08-10 20:02 SC, revision 16452

OSX fix

2002-08-10 20:01 SC, revision 16451

wxMac removed debugging code

2002-08-10 19:00 SC, revision 16450

commented out controlDef for carbon

2002-08-10 18:23 VS, revision 16449

fixed broken test in configure: no, DJGPP really is not UNIX...

2002-08-10 18:11 VS, revision 16448

tell that there was an error...

2002-08-10 17:27 MBN, revision 16447

Check if linking a motif program requires -lXp and/or -lSM -lICE

2002-08-10 16:02 RR, revision 16446

Compile fix for wxBase/Unicode/Unix.

2002-08-10 14:51 VS, revision 16445

SciTech MGL changed public interface again, let's accomodate...

2002-08-10 14:51 VS, revision 16444

fixed Julian-introduced typo

2002-08-10 14:41 RR, revision 16443

(char*)(const char*)xxx.mb_str() is not a good thing under Unicode.

2002-08-10 11:58 RR, revision 16442

Implemented the various printf() functions under Unicode with their GNU libc 2.2 funtions. This saves us some unicode<->ansi conversion and we no longer need the experimental printf() code in string.cpp. I had to implement wxSprintf() using wxSnprintf() as the former doesn't exist in Unicode GNU libc 2.2.

2002-08-10 11:54 RR, revision 16441

Added explicit Unicode conversion to wxDir - the code looked supicious to me.

2002-08-10 11:24 RR, revision 16440

Fix for Unicode conversion.

2002-08-10 09:58 SC, revision 16439

corrected ::Clear

2002-08-10 09:45 SC, revision 16438

added new implementation for editable and brought selection behaviour in synch

2002-08-10 09:41 SC, revision 16437

implemented clipping for controls via callback (classic only)

2002-08-10 09:38 SC, revision 16436

window clipper added

2002-08-10 09:37 SC, revision 16435

added control action for redraws (classic only)

2002-08-10 09:36 SC, revision 16434

added clipping code for controls

2002-08-09 19:29 RD, revision 16433

Allow loading xrc resources from a string

2002-08-09 18:35 JS, revision 16432

Delete help text entry before adding new one, else you can't reset it.

2002-08-09 09:35 JS, revision 16431

Added brief explanation about building RPMs

2002-08-08 23:02 RD, revision 16430

More tool script tweaks

2002-08-08 22:34 RD, revision 16429

Added pyshell and pycrust scripts

2002-08-08 22:33 RD, revision 16428

Some little tweaks to PyCrust

2002-08-08 22:08 RD, revision 16427

new SWIGged files for wxGTK

2002-08-08 21:44 RR, revision 16426

Changed wxStat, wxAccess and wxOpen to no longer being just a define so that the signature is using wxChar under Unicode under Unix just as it does under Unicode under Mac. This required some modification in various places, but should make debugging a little easier, among others.

2002-08-08 21:44 RD, revision 16425

PyCrust updates from their CVS.

2002-08-08 21:41 RR, revision 16424

Adapted to Unicode compilation.

2002-08-08 21:40 RR, revision 16423

Hopefully corrected conversion buffer size.

2002-08-08 20:14 RD, revision 16422

Make batch files for the tool scripts, and other related changes for win32.

2002-08-08 19:11 RD, revision 16421

Fixes for Bug #592758

2002-08-08 18:32 RD, revision 16420

Updated version and other minor tweaks

2002-08-08 18:29 RD, revision 16419

New wxActiveX code

2002-08-08 18:28 RD, revision 16418

Moved tools to be a Python package in, added scripts to import and launch each tool.

2002-08-08 18:26 RR, revision 16417

Compile fix.

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16416

added RPM spec file

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16415

unified archive naming to name-version-arch

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16414

tex2rtf: fixes to makefile.unx to make rpm spec file possible

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16413

tex2rtf fixes: removed missing files from src.rsp

2002-08-08 10:11 JS, revision 16412

Applied patch [ 579219 ] wxNotebook:SetPadding added This allows changing the padding of the icons and text in the tab of a wxNotebook for wxGTK. Since the container in the tab is only a horizontal container only the width component is used. Negative values are acceptable so no checks were made. It now defaults to a padding of 0 on the sides and 1 in between the icon and label, looks good for a few "themes" I tried. Note: Unfortunately there is no function to set the padding on the left or right side of a widget. gtk_box_set_child_packing sets padding on BOTH sides of a widget so you'd get double the spacing between an icon and the label. To get around this, the icon (if there was one) is removed and added back. That way the icon will provide the padding on the left and the label will provide the padding between and to the right. It looks nice for all sizes. The gtk_container_set_border_width unforuntately only adds borders to ALL sides equally. A simple check is to add m_notebook->SetPadding in one in the spinctrl callback in the controls sample. (set appropriate range too -10,20). Note that the tab sizes change to fit the width of the panel, if appropriate, and so the spacing between the icon and label changes accordingly. This isn't a bug, but it does look weird as you scan up and down the spacing (which nobody would normally do). I also changed all wxGtkNotebookPage variables to nb_page so that "int page" would be used to mean the page number. Just cosmetic for consistency with the rest of the functions that were already like that.

2002-08-08 10:04 JS, revision 16411

Applied patch [ 584057 ] Fixes calculation bug in wxThread::Sleep There's a problem in src/mac/thread.cpp function wxThread::Sleep when CLOCKS_PER_SEC is not 1000. The amount-to-sleep code doesn't take into account this value. Due to this when I did Sleep(1000) it was sleeping a fraction of a second because on my Mac CLOCKS_PER_SEC is 60. This patch fixes it. Dimitri Schoolwerth (dimitrishortcut)