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Changelog for FileZilla 3 (7099 changes):

2014-08-31 08:26 codesquid, revision 6044

Split event_loop.h into multiple files.

2014-08-30 08:10 codesquid, revision 6041

Decrease wait time when delaying async request due to mouse button. Otherwise starting transfers of already existing files with double-click feels slow.

2014-08-30 07:48 codesquid, revision 6040

Replace use of wxXmlResource::LoadDialog with wxDialogEx' Load.

2014-08-30 07:32 codesquid, revision 6039

Use wxDialogEx for the password entry dialog, so that Ctrl+V works on OS X.

2014-08-29 10:27 codesquid, revision 6038

Remove redundant use of the enum keyword.

2014-08-29 09:25 codesquid, revision 6037

Fix language of emplace check

2014-08-29 09:19 codesquid, revision 6036

Only use std::map::emplace if it's available.

2014-08-29 09:16 codesquid, revision 6035

Add test for std::map::emplace which GCC 4.7 does not seem to have.

2014-08-28 07:20 codesquid, revision 6034

Compile regexes also when applying filters, not only when the dialog closes.

2014-08-27 16:51 codesquid, revision 6033

Modernize path cache and make it thread-safe.

2014-08-25 14:11 codesquid, revision 6032

Whitespace cleanup. Patch by XhmikosR.

2014-08-25 13:52 codesquid, revision 6031

Work towards making the engine and the directory cache thread-safe.

2014-08-23 18:41 codesquid, revision 6030

Don't shadow class template parameter. Fixes GCC compilation.

2014-08-23 18:38 codesquid, revision 6029

Fix compile error with GCC.

2014-08-23 13:52 codesquid, revision 6028

As all engines now share the same options, use a different mechanism to ensure the update server's certificate is signed by the trusted root CA.

2014-08-21 17:36 codesquid, revision 6027

For now there can only be a single event loop for all engines as there's data shared between all engines, notably the rate limiting and the directory cache. Also gets rid of all remaining wxTimers in the engine.

2014-08-21 16:42 codesquid, revision 6026

Looks like we need to #include <type_traits>

2014-08-20 13:10 codesquid, revision 6025

Simplify usage.

2014-08-20 09:20 codesquid, revision 6024

Implement wxTimer replacement.

2014-08-20 07:02 codesquid, revision 6023

Work in progress: Get rid of and wx event handling in the engine and use a custom event loop (for now emulated using wxEvtHandler and pending events). This is a first step in moving the engine into its own thread and necessary since wx event loops can only exist in the primary thread.

2014-08-15 20:10 codesquid, revision 6022

Fix logic inversion checking for IPv6 addresses in SOCKS4 path.

2014-08-15 20:07 codesquid, revision 6021

wxWidgets does not handle paths containing hash signs when using wildcard matching in resource loading. Work around it by finding matching files ourselves.

2014-08-13 14:04 codesquid, revision 6019

Bump to

2014-08-13 14:03 codesquid, revision 6018

Updated translation.

2014-08-13 13:45 codesquid, revision 6017

Further fixes to close handling on Windows.