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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2002-08-16 18:50 RD, revision 16550

Exit on frame delete is now initialized and handled in AppBase.

2002-08-16 17:39 RR, revision 16549

Compile fix.

2002-08-16 17:18 RR, revision 16548

Exchanged compile flags so that local include paths are used before others (such as PangoFT2'2).

2002-08-16 17:08 JS, revision 16547

Script tweaks

2002-08-16 16:18 JS, revision 16546

Applied patch [ 596061 ] Adds more navigation buttons to preview By Juergen Geltinger (jgelti)

2002-08-16 12:43 JS, revision 16545

Applied patch [ 566816 ] adds xBase type for Sequiter's SQL/ODBC

2002-08-16 12:22 JS, revision 16544

Fix for Unices with small command line space

2002-08-16 11:39 JS, revision 16543

Added wxMac distrib to tardist

2002-08-16 11:24 JS, revision 16542

Applied [ 594925 ] Implement wxArtProvider and XRC together By Robert O'Connor (robertoconnor) This patch is a draft which successfully allows a wxArtProvider to serve out icons to bitmaps for XRC files. The syntax to use a wxArtProvider bitmap is: <bitmap stock_id="wxART_INFORMATION" stock_client="wxART_TOOLBAR">somefallbackicon.png</bitmap> The bitmap is optional, and will only be used as a fallback image, if the wxArtProvider returned a wxNullBitmap for some reason. The client attribute, if not specified, currently will be wxART_OTHER. Perhaps there should be a guessing heuristic of it being in a menu node to call wxART_MENU. Usage of XRC resouces and wxArtProvider together can be seen in an updated /contrib/samples/xrc demo, which is a separate patch. Search the wx-dev mailing lists for "wxArtProvider" and "XRC" for the full discussions on this feature's API design. Applied patch [ 594932 ] Extended XRC XML resources sample By Robert O'Connor (robertoconnor) This is a more comprehensive introduction to how to get up and running using XRC in your new wxWindows project. It describes both the basics (for new users) and advanced features. It consists of a demo of dialogs and frames loaded from XRC. Each dialog has a textctrl at the top of the dialog, which walks the new user through that feature. There are 8 demos: The 4 basic ones: -A non-derived dialog, as typically used for an about dialog. -A derived dialog that loads its resources from an XRC (a frequently-asked question on the mailing lists), and responds to some simple events, including the disable-another-control-via-EVT_UPDATE_UI that is another FAQ, and powerful and simple-to-use feature. -A XRC reference "Controls" dialog, using a notebook. Each tab has a single control. All XRC handled widgets can be seen at a glance, and how to use them under XRC. -An uncentered dialog, to demonstrate the easy use of <centered>1</centered> to automatically place a Dialog centered on its parent.. The 4 advanced ones: -Embedding a custom class into an XRC dialog, by using the "unknown" class. -Using wxArtProvider to use stock icons from within your your XRC resources. -Using the platform attribute to selectively show a part of XRC based on the current OS. -Runtime variable expansion (demo only. Not implemented at this time). Also: -The main frame is now demonstrated as being loaded as an XRC. - The toolbar has longhelp tag demonstrated, and are hooked up to the same events as the menu to show how XRCID() works on the same tool and menuitem XRCID. -Some custom icons for the demonstration were created, and put into the toolbar and menubar. A custom icon also for the demonstration. -The example code has been put in 1 class per file (both .cpp and a matching .xrc), to make it much less confusing for a newcomer to figure out what class is what, expecially with all the wx macros for declaration and implementation.

2002-08-16 10:51 JS, revision 16541

Applied [ 594745 ] Fixes core dump under Forte 6U1 in imagbmp.cpp By John Skiff I was getting a core dump under Solaris 2.6 when storing images. My compiler is Forte 6 Update 1. The problem was in imagbmp.cpp: t@1 (l@1) signal BUS (invalid address alignment) in wxANIHandler::DoCanRead at line 1304 in file "imagbmp.cpp" 1304 if ( FCC1 != *riff32 ) (dbx) p FCC1 FCC1 = 31064321 (dbx) p *riff32 *riff32 = 1380533830 (dbx) I have tested the fix under Windows 2000, Solaris 2.6, and Irix 6.5.

2002-08-16 10:33 JS, revision 16540

Applied patch [ 594717 ] Implements wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT By John Skiff

2002-08-16 10:31 JS, revision 16539

Applied patch [ 594623 ] FL: No Taskbar entry for tool windows and also replaced -with-iodbc with -with-odbc in the docs.

2002-08-16 10:28 VZ, revision 16538

only test for pangoft2 if we're using GTK 2

2002-08-16 09:55 JS, revision 16537

Applied patch [ 594416 ] MDI Previous Child From Benjamin I. Williams

2002-08-16 02:27 RD, revision 16536

demo tweak

2002-08-16 02:27 RD, revision 16535

Compile fix

2002-08-16 00:53 VZ, revision 16534

wxCheckWindowWndProc() now checks for the original window proc in the window class and not for the current (possibly subclasses) window proc

2002-08-16 00:48 VZ, revision 16533

change the selection appropriately (and refresh it as needed) after deleting a notebook page

2002-08-16 00:44 VZ, revision 16532

fix for the bug introduced by the last commit: don't quit the program when a standard msg box is closed

2002-08-16 00:09 VZ, revision 16531

added a command to delete last page and not only the current one

2002-08-15 22:20 VZ, revision 16530

added missing header to fix wxGTK compilation

2002-08-15 22:14 VZ, revision 16529

ExitOnFrame behaviour update for wxMac

2002-08-15 20:49 RR, revision 16528

What did I change here?

2002-08-15 20:48 RR, revision 16527

Fix to not break GTK2 output. (wxLogMessage bug).

2002-08-15 20:47 RR, revision 16526

wxTextDataObject should convert to and from UTF8 in Unicode mode under GTK.

2002-08-15 20:45 RR, revision 16525

Further UNicode fixes.

2002-08-15 20:43 RR, revision 16524

strings are now wxChar

2002-08-15 20:42 VZ, revision 16523

the app doesn't exit any more if a dialog is shown (and destroyed) while the flow of control is still in OnInit()

2002-08-15 20:38 VZ, revision 16522

some old minor doc fixes I forgot to commit somehow

2002-08-15 19:38 VZ, revision 16521

added wxList::IsEmpty()

2002-08-15 17:55 VZ, revision 16520

fixed (and slightly cleant up) wxGTK compilation

2002-08-15 17:47 VZ, revision 16519

fixed a harmless warning (patch 595096) and added a comment

2002-08-15 13:28 SC, revision 16518

(hopefully) workaround for a carbon bug not always setting the modifiers event record field.

2002-08-14 23:26 RD, revision 16517

Allow AddWindow and RemoveWindow to be overridden in classes derived in Python

2002-08-14 23:25 RD, revision 16516

Typo fixed

2002-08-14 23:25 RD, revision 16515

Bugfix for wxListCtrl::GetColumn. It wasn't checking the returned format correctly.

2002-08-14 22:29 VZ, revision 16514

fixed the paths of the theme files in the VC++ wxUniv project

2002-08-14 21:46 SC, revision 16513

added key code fix to carbon event handler

2002-08-14 21:22 RD, revision 16512

Fixed wxMSW's EVT_CHAR so it conforms to the docs and also what wxGTK does already. IOW, Ctrl-C should result in keycode == 3, not 99.

2002-08-14 20:04 VS, revision 16511

define wxART_* constanst in way that will make adding XRC support easier

2002-08-14 19:00 SC, revision 16510

fix when not having precompiled headers

2002-08-14 18:41 SC, revision 16509

attempt to bring event system in synch with MSW

2002-08-14 17:09 SC, revision 16508

separated modifier keys handling in order to distinct key/up down events

2002-08-14 15:10 VZ, revision 16507

small fix to reduce flicker slightly while dragging the sash

2002-08-14 15:04 VZ, revision 16506

added a 1 line script to generate the tags file for wxMSW

2002-08-14 13:04 SC, revision 16505

added creation of dialog - perhaps needed for all platforms

2002-08-14 13:01 SC, revision 16504

added creation of dialog - perhaps needed for all platforms

2002-08-14 12:58 SC, revision 16503

cleanup code

2002-08-14 11:02 VS, revision 16502

Python support in wxrc

2002-08-14 00:29 RD, revision 16501

Put a panel under the colored windows so wxGTK's notebook doesn't munge the bg color