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2002-08-20 09:09 JS, revision 16610

Applied patch [ 597398 ] Generic MDI, wxNotebook based. By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) - This patch implements a generic notebook based mdi, due to that wxMDIChildFrame could not derive from wxFrame some things in the samples and in the docmdi classes needed to be adjusted... basically this comes down to not do (wxFrame *) but instead do (wxMDIChildFrame *), or store a pointer to the frame in a wxWindow* instead of a wxFrame variable... - The main reason wxMDIChildFrame cannot derive from wxFrame is that it would take to much platform specific functions to be overwritten (= lot of ifdef's). This then couldn't be called generic anymore, so that's why we need to derive from wxPanel... - Tested on/with: 1. wxMSW (I disabled the MSW MDI implementation to be able to test it), tested it with the MDI sample, docvwmdi sample and docview sample and also tested it with wxWorkshop. (test = compile and run) 2. wxX11, tested with the same set wxWin samples as the wxMSW test. I also compiled wxWorkshop with it, but could not run wxWorkshop due to some issue not related to the MDI implementation. - How to apply: * Apply the patch * move mdig.cpp into wxWindows/src/generic/ * move mdig.h into wxWindows/include/wx/generic/ - Some extra things that still need to be done: * File lists, project files should be updated to include mdig.cpp (the patch only change this on wxX11) * The configuration script should be updated. * Maybe wxUSE_GENERIC_MDI_ARCHITECTURE also should be added so it is only included when wanted...

2002-08-20 08:34 JS, revision 16609

Applied patch [ 597320 ] Return wxNotebook::SetSelection value By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) According to the documentation wxNotebook::SetSelection() should return the previous selection... (Like wxMSW does) but the wxUniv version returns the currently selected selection. Patch was tested with wxX11. Applied patch [ 597313 ] Popup menu still used after deletion By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) - This patch exists out of 2 parts; Part 1 is a patch to show the problem with the menu sample (this part is just to show the problem and should not be put into CVS!). Part 2 is the fix and should be put in CVS. (src/univ/menu.cpp) - Instructions to reproduce the problem with the menu sample: 1. Apply part 1 of the patch only. 2. Run the sample after recompiling it. 3. Press "Close Test" -> "Close", this will basically remove the current menu bar and recreate it again and re-use the menu item "Close test" from the old menu bar... 4. Again press "Close Test", doing this will already crash the sample. - The cause of the problem is that the m_popupMenu in wxMenu is deleted because it is a child of the old menu bar (Note: it does not get destroyed by the wxMenu destructor, but by DestroyChildren()) and m_popupMenu is not put back to NULL when this happens... - This patch was tested only with wxX11.

2002-08-20 08:13 JS, revision 16608

Reordered ClearCache calls as per Roger Chickering's suggestion.

2002-08-20 05:00 DW, revision 16607

FileDlg updates.

2002-08-19 23:09 VS, revision 16606

reverted Robert's preference for tables-driven EC_CharSet

2002-08-19 22:22 DW, revision 16605

Weekly updates and file dialog implementation

2002-08-19 19:40 SC, revision 16604

corrected button modifier state in carbon, cursor setup corrected

2002-08-19 19:36 SC, revision 16603

wxMac needs same cursor setup for cursor as GTK and MSW

2002-08-19 19:34 SC, revision 16602

const char correction for mac

2002-08-19 17:02 RR, revision 16601

Lots more Unicode fixes. wxClipboard fixes for GTK2 and UTF8. wxFileConfig now uses wxConvLocal to convert text and doesn't crash anymore..

2002-08-19 17:00 RR, revision 16600

Extra check for GTK2.

2002-08-19 16:59 RR, revision 16599

Make wxTELETYPE and wxMODERN map to monospaced fonts.

2002-08-19 16:09 JS, revision 16598

Added EVT_JOY_BUTTON_... macros as per the manual, retained the old names for compatibility. Changed 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 in a couple of files.

2002-08-19 10:03 JS, revision 16597

Removed an old email address

2002-08-19 09:59 JS, revision 16596

Set the selection under Motif in wxChoiceDialog

2002-08-19 02:28 DW, revision 16595

Weekly catchup as well as better font and fontdlg support

2002-08-19 02:24 DW, revision 16594

updates mostly for better font support and some weekly catch-up work

2002-08-19 02:23 DW, revision 16593

some OS/2 updates

2002-08-19 02:22 DW, revision 16592

need for VisualAge to include wchar.h

2002-08-18 22:50 VZ, revision 16591

fixed wxBase compilation (what was msgdlg.h doing in wxchar.cpp?)

2002-08-18 22:42 JS, revision 16590

Use wxGenericImageList for wxMSW/wxUniv now; this allows us to remove the MSW-specific code in wxUniv's wxNotebook (maybe elsewhere?)

2002-08-18 18:24 JS, revision 16589

Further installation fixes

2002-08-18 17:23 VS, revision 16588

don't crash if used in iconv-like fashion

2002-08-18 14:10 JS, revision 16587

Corrected HTML index, other distro-related tweaks

2002-08-18 08:09 JS, revision 16586

Don't compile socket table if wxUSE_SOCKET is 0.

2002-08-17 22:24 VS, revision 16585

make it possible to easily define artID from a string (for XRC)

2002-08-17 22:24 VS, revision 16584

simpler fix for locale catalogs lookup bug (better one will hopefully follow)

2002-08-17 22:19 JS, revision 16583

First cut at socket support in wxX11

2002-08-17 22:17 RR, revision 16582

Put various #ifdefs vsnprintf() back in, they were lost in today's changes..

2002-08-17 21:41 RR, revision 16581

Printing paper sizes, file printing, print metrics..

2002-08-17 21:00 VZ, revision 16580

some harmless warning fixes

2002-08-17 20:50 RR, revision 16579


2002-08-17 19:36 RR, revision 16578

iconv() really never set the trailing 0.

2002-08-17 19:12 RD, revision 16577

Tweaked python image output slightly

2002-08-17 19:09 RD, revision 16576

Put the page in the event for all event types

2002-08-17 19:08 RD, revision 16575

Added wxWizard and the wizard page classes, as well as a wizard sample in the demo.

2002-08-17 19:07 RD, revision 16574

Fixed wxPython's wxArt constants

2002-08-17 18:20 RR, revision 16573

iconv() doesn't set the trailing zero

2002-08-17 17:35 RR, revision 16572

Another UNicode conversion fix.

2002-08-17 17:29 JS, revision 16571

Removed excess distribution archives

2002-08-17 17:04 RR, revision 16570

Printing things.

2002-08-17 17:03 RR, revision 16569

Compile fixes for ANSI mode.

2002-08-17 16:29 RR, revision 16568

Removed all deprecated printing code.

2002-08-17 12:11 JS, revision 16567

Script mods

2002-08-17 12:11 RR, revision 16566

%s to %ls conversion

2002-08-17 12:09 RR, revision 16565

Convert %s to %ls and %c to %lc in printf and scanf etc.

2002-08-17 11:31 JS, revision 16564

Remove mmedia makefile for wxMac

2002-08-17 07:44 JS, revision 16563

Removed all trace of richedit from scripts

2002-08-16 23:03 VZ, revision 16562

compilation fix for wxApp after exitOnFrameDelete changes

2002-08-16 22:57 VZ, revision 16561

a better fix for notebook page not being refreshed after Delete()