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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

2002-09-14 17:23 JS, revision 17176

BC++: Disabled precompiled headers for png library, since it seemed to mess up compilation Moved EXTRACPPFLAGS to end of command line so they override current settings

2002-09-14 15:00 RR, revision 17175

Enable execute code for Unicode. This also makes printing to the printer work in Unicode mode.

2002-09-14 09:35 GD, revision 17174

added missing wxSTD for cout/endl

2002-09-14 08:31 JS, revision 17173

Applied patch [ 608876 ] Improvements to installation docs

2002-09-14 05:56 GD, revision 17172

don't override INSTALL as install path is made absolute in configure

2002-09-14 02:11 DW, revision 17171

new module def file for .dll build

2002-09-14 02:10 DW, revision 17170

OS/2 update

2002-09-14 02:09 DW, revision 17169

TRUE not true; FALSE not false

2002-09-14 00:15 RL, revision 17168

define the undefined wxThePrintSetup global.

2002-09-13 23:22 VS, revision 17167

another fix for wxSnprintf_

2002-09-13 22:02 RR, revision 17166

Backward comp. fix.

2002-09-13 22:00 RR, revision 17165

Further backward comp. changes for printing.

2002-09-13 20:57 DW, revision 17164

Weekly catch-up

2002-09-13 20:23 MBN, revision 17163

Fixed MinGW/configure/Unicode compilation: MinGW/MSVCRT vswprintf does not behave like other vswprintf; under Win32 you really want _vsnwprintf.

2002-09-13 17:22 VS, revision 17162

added some missing styles to XRC

2002-09-13 13:17 JS, revision 17161

Applied patch [ 608370 ] fix for static text sizing behaviour wxStaticText is meant to resize when SetLabel is called unless the flag wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE is used when creating it. Motif currently ignores this flag and always resizes the control. The attached patch provides a wxStaticText specific override of SetLabel() which honours the resize policy requested via the wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE flag. I have tested on AIX 4.3 which is Motif 2.1

2002-09-13 13:12 JS, revision 17160

Applied patch [ 608850 ] wxX11 menu accelerators need toupper Olly Betts Letter menu accelerators (with and probably without modifiers) don't work unless you have capslock on. Adding a call to toupper() to the appropriate spot fixes this (wxGtk does toupper in this case already). Applied patch [ 608530 ] wxX11 doesn't set argv[argc] to NULL Olly Betts The code which creates argv under wxX11 doesn't add a terminating element with value NULL - user code which expects this (it's true for C/C++ argv) will fail. Here's a patch to correct this. I've checked the other versions of app.cpp and they all get this right.

2002-09-13 09:29 JS, revision 17159

Updated Mingw32 install text

2002-09-12 22:25 JS, revision 17158

Small updates

2002-09-12 20:55 JS, revision 17157


2002-09-12 20:16 JS, revision 17156

Added unix2dos.c utility Fixed doc typos

2002-09-12 20:15 VZ, revision 17155

undid previous commit, the person who reported it retracted his claim

2002-09-12 20:11 JS, revision 17154

Added utility to convert filenames to lower case

2002-09-12 19:59 VZ, revision 17153

include stddef.h to get ptrdiff_t decl (IRIX compilation problem)

2002-09-12 19:32 VZ, revision 17152

make wxFile::Exists() use wxFileExists(): this avoids code duplication and should make wxFile::Exists() work with UNC paths

2002-09-12 13:48 VZ, revision 17151

fix for cygwin warning in winsock.h about sys/types.h from Dimitri

2002-09-12 13:48 JS, revision 17150

Corrected typo that prevented mdig.h being copied

2002-09-12 13:32 JJ, revision 17149

Committing in . Silence OpenVMS warnings Modified Files: wxWindows/src/motif/spinbutt.cpp ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2002-09-12 11:11 JS, revision 17148

If a window has zero dimension, make it at least 1 pixel big

2002-09-12 08:51 JS, revision 17147

Don't compile crit. section code on Mac yet

2002-09-11 23:29 VZ, revision 17146

gtk2 Unicode compilation fix

2002-09-11 23:26 SN, revision 17145

Integrated fixes from latest UNIX version. Removed some debug output.

2002-09-11 23:21 VZ, revision 17144

show correct message when running configure for the switches which are on by default (such as --enable-compat22)

2002-09-11 22:28 SN, revision 17143

Applied patch 606235 (Cell overflow refresh fixed).

2002-09-11 22:03 RR, revision 17142

Readded deprec. constructor.

2002-09-11 21:44 SN, revision 17141

Fixed CoordToRowOrCol according to Patch 607387. Reverted the "Prevented dragging dividers outside cells" change which just worked around the symptoms of the bug in CoordToRowOrCol. Removed posssibility to resize columns even from below the grid or rows from the right of the grid - that kind of "dragging dividers" wasn't even prevented by the previous change (according to Patch 607387).

2002-09-11 21:12 RR, revision 17140

The old fix for combobox doesn't seem to be needed anymore and it did make the lnf unattractive.

2002-09-11 20:19 RD, revision 17139

SWIGged updates for wxMac

2002-09-11 19:25 JS, revision 17138

Applied [ 585322 ] motif border style fix for statictext Applied fix to broken wxStaticText

2002-09-11 19:20 JS, revision 17137

Typo fixed

2002-09-11 18:36 RD, revision 17136

Fixed some off-by-one and other issues with drawing the HRULE/VRULE lines. Made the VRULEs line up with the column header splitter lines.

2002-09-11 17:25 RD, revision 17135

Show how to use images in the virtual list control demo

2002-09-11 14:19 JS, revision 17134

Another try at committing this Reverted previous 'fixes' now that the array bug has been cured Prevented dragging dividers outside cells (this would cause an assert)

2002-09-11 14:14 JS, revision 17133

Reverted previous 'fixes' now that the array bug has been cured Prevented dragging dividers outside cells (this would cause an assert)

2002-09-11 14:12 JS, revision 17132

Reverted previous 'fixes' now that the array bug has been cured Prevented dragging dividers outside cells (this would cause an assert)

2002-09-11 12:33 VZ, revision 17131

removed wcslen() implementation, it is now inline in wxchar.h

2002-09-11 12:33 VZ, revision 17130


2002-09-11 11:28 JS, revision 17129

Replaced wcslen with wxWcslen

2002-09-11 10:29 SN, revision 17128

Fixed bug in Grow function (possibly not allocating enough memory if starting with empty array).

2002-09-11 01:14 RD, revision 17127

SWIGged updates for wxGTK